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Hi guys;)!,

the last days seems to have run soooooo fast, I've done a LOT of organizing and planing as well as preparing myself for my vac' (for all who don't understand this short form: vacation!;)) as well as other problems - I'm really glad to got this cute package of 3 Clif Bars and 1 Luna Bar - which I'm happy to test on myself (yes my only sport is swimming & kinda yoga or aerobics as well as a bit running NOT more!)

From left to right:

As the working day could be as well pretty stressful or even fast - you'll need an x'tra plus vitamines and other "energy-giving" ingredients in your daily snacks and cereals - so what about trying them out?!;)

Clif Bar's:

First of all I'm pretty amazed about the lovely kinda like "painted" illustration and design of each Clif Bar - as it's soooo unique and makes it feel even more special to buy or try it out!;) Each bar has a weight of 68g!

(Photo Credit: from the official Clif Bar bookled I've got with the bars from Healthy Food Brands Ltd - UK)

They are using Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa and should be even more healthier and tastier than other real energy/fitness bars.

Don't compare them to general cereal bars - which aren't for sport activities or extrem life situations - as cereal/fruit bars are made usually with plain cereals, sugar, some fruits and maybe chocolate or other ingredients instead of containing a high amount of different vitamines (which our body needed) and other energy giving ingredients (like: antioxidants or mineras and as well Flaxseeds) which an energy bar like a Clif Bar contains!

Story behind the Clif Bar:

(Photo Credit: from the official Clif Bar bookled I've got with the bars from Healthy Food Brands Ltd - UK)

For the whole story - please feel free to visit their official website - HERE

My opinion about the Clif bars?

Now in the twenty-first century where usually we're running and hunting for the best way to solve problems, work hard to reach what we want as well as planing trips to foreign countries many times per year - Clif Bar's are I would say as well a good alternative to other unhealthy sweets or cravings to satisfied during our long and hopefully exciting and beautiful day!;)

As well the wide range of different flavors and ingredients will ensure to find your fav' Clif bar without choosing just between 1-2 bars as well as the good readable Nutrition Information on the back of each Clif Bar packaging allows you to ensure - whether you'd like to eat it as a snack or as a late meal after your workout or a long working day! I pretty much adore the idea behind the energy bars as well as the packaging and as I've mentioned the wide range  - as I'm a person who always wanna try something new!;)

Luna Bar:

Back in 1999 the first Luna Bar was launched by Gary and Kit (Clif Bar & Company founders) and it's maybe the 1st ever created energy/fitness bar for us women! They should be delicious, light and a great nutrition bar for us girls. 

(Photo Credit: from the official LUNA Bar bookled I've got with the bars from Healthy Food Brands Ltd - UK) 

The philosophy behind each Luna Bar is quite simple - no guilt, deprivation or diets to eat something sweet, something what makes us feel even better or what makes pleasure and healthy as well as chocolate stuff!;)

Lunafest film festival as well as the Breast Cancer Fund partnering with the Team Luna Chix, which is supported from strong, creative and committed women all over the coasts! 

LUNA Bar should support us girls/ladies/misses/woman/mothers/etc. all day long - no matter whether you've to go to school, work, work-out, fitness class, for a long and strong  day on the road or even when you need a snack or to connect with each other!

Did you've tried out any Clifbar or Luna Bar out until yet?! Which one is your fav' Clif/Luna bar?!

Wish you all a great Saturday!


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