Wednesday, 30 July 2014

DIY SMOOTHIE #2: Wild Blueberry Dream

Hi guys;),

as I've been drinking the last weeks a LOT more than usually as well as I'm in the mood to create new juice and smoothie recipes almost each day!;) I though to share with you one of my latest smoothie I've created - it's a really delicious one:

The Wild Blueberries are one of my fav' fresh fruits during Summer/Late-Summer and Pre-Autumn as they are full of great vitamins like: vitamine C, vitamine K, mineral manganese. As well as the Powerfruit Blueberry will fight against high cholesterol, inflammation and cancer! So a pretty good fruit!;)

Buttermilk contains probiotic microbes and it's soothing to stomach and skin. Another great point - Buttermilk is low fat, which means it's far lower than milk or curd as fat is removed during churning! It contains vitamins, potassium, calcium and traces of phosphorus - a great ingredients for such healthy smoothies and blended drinks after a workout or just for a yummy snack after a meal or instead of your lunch!;)

Just add the fresh or frozen Wild Blueberries into your blender (I'm using my beloved Illumina Jug Blender* by Russell Hobbs), add the Agave Syrup as well as the fresh mint leaves and last but not least add the half cup of fresh still water as well as the cup of buttermilk into the jug and blend, blend, blend and blend;)!

....and finally - serve it:

The rich Wild Blueberry and Milk taste reminds me strongly on my childhood & the latest Labello Lip Butter (review & childhood story HERE) and I just love the pretty dark violet shade of the fresh handmade with love smoothie! Try it out as you'll love it - I'm sure!;)


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