Thursday, 24 July 2014

DIY SMOOTHIE #1: Strawberry, Raspberry Refresher

Hi everyone,

as we've finally reached the mid' of summer, we all get thirsty if it's over 30 degrees celsius and we need something to refresh and cleanse as well as hydrate our whole body and skin!

Well as I've been trying out the last days some recipes (some simple and some more tricky) with my latest kitchen item called "Illumina Jug Blender" by Russell Hobbs*. I though to show you my first pretty good and simple smoothie kinda juice called "Strawberry, Raspberry Refresher":

Cut Banana, add fresh or even better refreshing frozen raspberry and strawberries, squeeze some agave syrup and add as well fresh mint leaves....start blending!

Blend babe' blend it!;)

That smart electric blender has an unique power - love that!;)

....and finally - serve it:

It's smooth, refreshing and VERY healthy guys! - Try it out;)

More informations about the Illumina Jug Blender* by Russell Hobbs you'll find on their official website (HERE)

79.99 € or £ 69.99 


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