Monday, 7 July 2014

#DIY: My Step-by-Step PEDICURE routine

Hi everyone;),

I'm always soooo happy about your comments and I'm as well REALLY interested about what you'll think about my own pedicure routine!;)

Everyone of us has (I'm sure) different steps and techniques - how to pamper and care about your own feet and you're using different products as I'm doing:

1. I always start with a foot bath (using a gentle soap or my fav' shower gel) and after soaking/bath my feet I'm applying a small amount of body peeling (this one is by Grace Cole Co. England and smells JUST lovely after juice watermelons and grapefruits!;)) as well as I'm in love using In-Shower-Bodylotions (currently I'm using the Nivea In-Shower-Body Lotion with Cacao and Milk extract*) as foot cream after each bath (avoids greasy and oily feet, if you're doing your pedicure!).

2.I'm using a nail file, gel polish removal tool (removes as well cuticles) by Sensationails and the Instant Cuticle Remover by Sally Hansen (one of my alltime fav' nail care brand!;)) which helps to reduce thick cuticles or dry skin near the nail area! 

And after that I'm washing off the Instant Cuticle Remover to avoid any irritations and to clean my feet from the dry and dead skin!

3. Now it's time to pamper your feet and toe nails with essential oils (like Jojoba or Almond Oil - which you'll get in a organic supermarket or in a good selected drugstore/chemist) or what I'm really enjoying to use are these two: Rare Nails Oil or Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturizer*!

4. I'm definitely a nail polish girl (I NEED a great shade for each occasion, season and mood;)) so I'm covering my own toe nails ALWAYS with a great base coat (like Essie's Help Me Grow, Sally Hansen Double Duty or Mavala 002 Double Action) and after that I'm using a great shade (today I've choosen Essie's "Boom Boom Room") and last but not least a great Top Coat or like I'm currently using as I'm of the opinion that after this special polish my nails are looking healthier and stronger is the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment (& it keeps the nail polish looking more brighter and last longer!;)).

5. Finally these is the result of my (not the prettiest BUT I try my best;)) toe nails DIY "Step-by-Step" Pedicure routine!

What are you using for your own pedicure routine?!

Have a gorgeous start into this week!


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