Saturday, 19 July 2014

#BRIGHTON 1: between London & the Sea

Hi everyone;),

it's a pretty long time (almost 2 weeks) since I've wrote and posted the last post on my beloved blog for you and me!;) As you maybe already know (through my last posts and Instagram and Twitter etc.) I've spend 10 lovely days in Brighton/UK and I'm VERY sad, that I've must return home - it's a beautiful city with LOTS of fun, exciting places and lovely people!;)

Brighton is a VERY bright, unique and VERY friendly british city not far away from London (approx. 50 min. with the Southern Railway) as well as by the sea (great for the hot summer months - YES especially the places by the sea could get really warm!). I can truly understand - that it's sooooo popular by many of us young creative heads as well as by families with small childs!;) You have soooo many options how to spend each day during your time in Brighton - you WON'T get bored at all!

I would truly recommend deep from my heart to travel by yourself/alone - it must NOT be in another country, you can try it out in your own country as well BUT trust me - it will grow up your mind and you will feel more self-consistent and more like an adult (I've escaped all points by travelling by myself on my 1st "Alone-Vacation" in NYC already!).

See more information about Brighton on their official visitor page: VisitBrighton

It's really worth to visit this great town - especially during the summer months (lots of festivals, summer-beach movies as well as it's comfy to travel through the local smaller towns or even to London via Train or Coach Buses) or I'm sure as well as during the winter months (which can get colder BUT it must be lovely to escape the Laines or the Marina or Brighton's cooler districts with lovely winter decorations, warm & well visited Pub's and gig's!).

Brighton - a city with many faces, styles & ideas - a paradise for dreamers, escapers, creative & crazy heads like moi!;)


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