Saturday, 19 July 2014

#BRIGHTON 4: King Room at NINETEEN Townhouse B&B

Hi everyone;),

this is my 3th part of my stay at Nineteen Townhouse Hotel/B&B in Brighton - as I've changed my double room (after my 8th night) to a King Room (which comes with a shower room or there are as well 2 King rooms, which are called Super King Rooms and these two have an en suite bath as well):

Isn't this room awesome?! - I mean the 80s kinda pic' (the 2nd one guys:)) as well as the bright colorful (bit naked;)) one gives this victorian classic patterned room a modern and VERY artistic flair - don't you think?!

(the glass table reminds me as well on the modern art-deco 80s style, the white chairs are high-modern as well as the plant gives the room the x'tra finish! Well overlook my mango chunks, Vogue Magazine and Zara parfume please;))

At the beginning of my stay I've been asked by Mark whether I like rather still or sparkling (complimentary) THE Natural Mineral water (750ml)- I've choosed still and got always a new bottle after the last was fully drunk out as well as a fresh and juicy apple;)!

The shower room was the same like the one in the double room and I've found in both these small travel size/hotel size bath/body care products from Aromatherapy Associates - which I've never tested out before and especially the body wash "Revive" has an absolutely refreshing and herbal citrus scent - really lovely!;)

The bed especially was super exciting (well in a healthy exciting way guys;)) as the modern glass fine design gives this room a special finish and the reconstructed fireplace (I think there was one before they've reconstructed it!;)) with the glass shelves contains the info sheets and maps like in the double room before and you'll find as well a pair of white fluffy slippers and a bath robe (which was a bit toooo big for myself - I remember the one in the double room was XL - well but that's the onle "negative" thing I can say about my stay there).

 Feel free to inform yourself about this Townhouse B&B Hotel at the official Nineteen page - HERE

All in all - that was an unique and VERY special stay for myself at the Nineteen Townhouse B&B Hotel - which I'll remember well and hope to visit it someday again - as it was a pleasure to be a guest and I felt really welcome and well pampered there!;)

Thank you Mark & Arif for making my vacation & stay in your B&B in Brighton even better!


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