Saturday, 19 July 2014

#BRIGHTON 3: Breakfast At Nineteen

Hi guys,

this is the 2nd post about my stay at Nineteen Townhouse B&B Hotel and it's dedicated to the wonderful breakfast selection (which I've choosen almost each day on my fill-in printed form and left it before 9pm outside my room)
Arranged by the Nineteen Townhouse B&B Hotel crew & mostly by Arif;)

The fill in form: 

Using just the finest ingredients and products like Tiptree's jams/preserves, Innocent Smoothies & Redroaster Coffee;)

The Virgin Mary was a bit too spicy (hot;)) for me BUT really fresh made and good of taste:

More pic's you'll find on my Instagram account like:

It was the best breakfast selection, which I've ever had until yet in a hotel/accomodation!;)


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