Tuesday, 1 July 2014

#1 Instagram Fav's

Hi everyone,

I though to start a new kind of topic posts on my blog - which will be called always "Instagram Fav's" (they'll be a kinda serie post) and I'll always show you my fav' 4 pic's of the last month on my own Instagram account!

1. My fav' beauty bath products of this month (June):

Which are:

Trader Joe's enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion, eos shave cream with the pomegranate raspberry scent, Sol de Janeiro Mango Hair Treatment & Stefan's Eco Coco Tan

2. Strawberry/Choc'/Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop;):

3. Stephansdom in Vienna:

4. My fav' dress by BeBop Clothing (YES they've liked/hearted it!;)):

5. Me Back in 1996 - where EVERYTHING began!;):

Hope you've enjoyed my new series post about my fav' Instagram photos from my account and wish you all a great night!


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