Monday, 9 June 2014

#SUN2: Sunscreens & After Sun Treatments

Hi guys;),

as the days are hot (over 30 celsius degrees - european measurement;)) I though to show you my current fav' and sunscreen/after sun products for my body, hair and lips - to let you know, which products I'm currently loving and which are really worth out to try!

1. Facial Day Creams with SPF/LSF:

You'll maybe know, that I'm addicted to Trader Joe's enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion with SPF/LSF 15 and as well I quite like the Nivea Sensitive Day Cream Tube with SPF/LSF 15* as well!;) They are both non-greasy and absorbe pretty fast - 2 good creams before applying your daily makeup "face";)!

2. Facial Sunscreen:

During a sun bath, swimming outside in the sea or pool - I usually apply a higher SPF/LSF and 50, 60 or the best would be 100 (to avoid any wrinkles around your eyes or face and stay young, which is pretty normal during your early 20s;)). My fav' facial sunscreen lotion/cream would be the Sol de Janeiro with SPF/LSF 60* with starfruit extracts and for a shopping day in a big city a great alternative would be as well the Harmon's Pure & Gentle Sunstick for Babies (if you've such a sensitive facial skin as I've usually;)).

3. Sunscreen for my lips:

Many of you maybe don't see an importance to apply a special lip balm or treatment for enjoying a day out at the "Summer Sun" BUT you wouldn't believe how fast your lips can turn dry and get wrinkles as well (which will be annoying to apply an lipstick smooth etc.)! For a rich and higher SPF/LSF of 30 I'm using many years Labello's Sun Protect balm* (which doesn't has always a SPF/LSF of 30, in the beginning of the 2000s it has SPF of 25, in the 90s just a SPF of 15 or 18 and if we go back to the 70s and 80s just SPF 12!). 

Another great lip balm with SPF/LSF 30 is the Lilien Lip Balm with Honey and Buckthorn extract - which I've shown you in an own post about the great product (HERE). As well as the Sun Dance Limited Edition lip balm with SPF/LSF 20 with a tropical scent has a creamy BUT not greasy texture and it's a pleasure to wear it!;)

4. Sunscreen for my body:

During Spring I'm using (if the sun is pretty much shining) a sunscreen with SPF/LSF of 15-20 and during the summer season and months I'm using (depends on where I am) a sunscreen with SPF/LSF of 30 or 50 (or over!;)) and as I'm not on a vacation yet I'm using 2 of my fav' sunscreens EVER: 1. Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance Lotion with SPF of 30 and Sol de Janeiro's Sunscreen Lotion with a SPF of 30* and starfruit extracts!

5. Aftersun for my hair/body in shower:

For my long natural blonde hair I'm using (or try to use;)) always a good quality hair care treatment and Sol de Janeiro's Mango Hair Protection Lotion* is the perfect After Sun treatment after a long day out on the hot and dry sun to get my hair moisturized and keep them soft!;) For a fast After Sun routine I'm using a In-Shower-Refreshing-After Sun Lotion* for my whole body with refreshing cucumber extract by Nivea - which I apply in my shower after washing myself with my after sun soap and it will moisturize and recover my sun sensitive skin!

6. My fav' Summer Body Scent & Shower Gel:

Since my childhood (and I've written many posts about this summer edition range by Yves Rocher!;)) I'm addicted to the scent of Monoi de Tahiti by Yves Rocher! And I can't live any summer without one of the Monoi de Tahiti products - the Refreshing body (scent) spray will always climb up my mood and prepare for my summer vacation;)! Balea's Limited Edition After Sun Shower Gel is a good alternative to Yves Rocher's Monoi de Tahiti Shower Shampoo Lagune (you know what I mean;)).

7. After Sun for my whole body:

Last but not least I'm using always after a sun bath or hot sunny day an Apres Body Lotion/Cream or Milk! - These 2 products are not just organic/natural brands and products BUT as well they really calm, treat and recover your hot maybe turned red body (as well as facial) skin and don't left any greasy film! Dr. Hauschka's After Sun Lotion* has a pretty orange shade with an amazing fruity scent and healthy carrot extract- it really pamper my sensitive skin and absorbes fast as well as the alverde Sensitiv Apres-Spray with Jojoba calms my skin after a long hot day!

Which Sunscreen/After Sun products and treatments are you wearing or using usually and which are your favorite ones?!


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