Sunday, 15 June 2014

"Kung Fu Fighting" OOTD*

Hi everyone;),

as it's not the hottest day today BUT anyway warm enough to create some pic's from my "Kung Fu Fighting" afternoon (well to be serious I CAN'T really Kung Fu BUT the song always creates a kind of strongness in me and inspire to create such "figthing" poses!;)):

The aerobic/dance shirt called "Aerobics Graphic Tee"* by Reebok (Price: 29.95€) is available in this grey shade called "Medium Grey Heather" as well as in Black, "Lemon Zest" a soft neon yellowish shade and "Blue Bomb" a unique blue shade!;)

The texture, PlayDry technology of the Reebok Dance Camo Cargo Pant* (for a comfort and wet-less skin during your aerobic/dance or workout training) and variable "bungee" beam tie at the fringe and waist will fits you perfectly (mine where a size bigger, than I usually have - so they doesn't really fit well BUT I tried my best and fixed the "bungee" beam tie as much as possible!;)). (Price: 64.95€)

You can move yourself really well in both Reebok pieces - as they are created for the most breathtakin' movements durin' your dance/aerobic/workouts! Or for a short "Kung Fu Fighting";):

And last BUT not least I've worn again one of my fav' sneakers/workout/dance/aerobic shoes at the moment - the Reebok Dance Turn It Up* (Price: 99.95€). It's really such a pleasure to be in touch with Reebok - as my 1st & 2nd run shoes where from Reebok as well (the 1st I can't remember the name BUT the 2nd are Studio Beat Low 2 - as I still have them almost 5 years!). The quality of their shoes are incredible and the stylish patterns, high-end soles and texture as well as unique shapes will always catch my eye!;)

What are your fav' Reebok pieces for workout/dance/aerobic lessons?!

Let me know, that in the comment section and have a wonderful sunday afternoon!;)


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  1. cool look :) cute top