Thursday, 5 June 2014

JESSICA Nails - In Bloom (Summer '14)*

Hi everyone of you;),

as the weather seems to stay nice as much as I prefer to wear nice and different pastel shades on my hands and toes the latest limited edition nail polish range of Jessica called "In Bloom" has catch my heart!;)

You'll find 6 different pastel and summer shades perfect for each kind of summer occasion and as I'm a lover of different pink/rose shades I've choosen 2 really gorgeous shades called: 

1. Jessica In Bloom - "Loving" #890 (15.50 €)*:

It's a kind of mauve rose shade, which suits perfectly with shade "Awakening" and as well with other pastel rose/pink shades. One small tip: apply a white base coat/nail polish before applying this nail polish - as it will brighten it up a bit more! It's gorgeous and will suit perfectly to white clothes as well as to bright colorful pieces!;)

2. Jessica In Bloom - "Awakening" #888 (15.50 €)*:

This pastel lilac/violet shade is great for a flower power nail tutorial as well as for applying it just plain on your hands and toes! - It will definitely brighten up your day. An Art-Deco 80s nail tutorial would be as well soooo gorgeous with this shade;)!

I've just created a simple kinda Art-Deco/Modern 80s nail art idea - which should inspire you to create more and maybe better nail arts with this two wonderful nail polishes by Jessica!:):

(Sorry for my dry cuticles, and hands - I've had last months due to cold/wet weather and allergy and as well Dyshidrosis on my fingers more dry hands as usual!)

I prefer to color my nails during spring/summer months much more and love to paint it than during autumn/winter (where I'm using usually just red/dark shades). So be prepared for more nail tutorials/ideas!;)

For more informations about Jessica - feel free to visit their official site HERE!
"In Bloom" - Summer '14 Jessica nail polish collection 


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