Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hi guys;),

today I’ve wonderful news: I’m making a giveaway in cooperation with Fenjal and 5 of YOU will get the chance to win a  package (4-5 products) of Fenjal Products – like the sensitive care range I’ve reviewed in my last post (here).

My first meet with Fenjal was during my childhood – my mum always uses and bought the nice small turquoise plastic tin with the white (today it's blue;)) creamy Fenjal Cream soap, which has a really unique refreshing and powdery – the typical classic Fenjal scent!
 (Photo Credit: Fenjal)

As well we’ve packed this beloved Fenjal Soap into our luggage in 1998 – when I was 5 years old and I’ve taken it with me on my first flight! It was a lovely Summer vacation and since this time I knew – which body care basics I need to pack all the time with me – when I’m on the road/flight! 

Here you can see one of a kinda Fenjal "history" commercial:

(I've found this video on their own official Fenjal Youtube Channel

No matter whether my (sensitive and fairy) skin was irritated by the sun or got finally a sunburn (yes I’ve used a sunscreen BUT as a child I was x’tra sensitive – I’ve always been;)) and Fenjal’s soap was still really soft and calmed my hot and red body – the scent is awesome – really relaxing, which I’m still like as a 20 something!;)

So that’s my story about my alltime Fenjal fav‘ product – the Classic Cream Soap!

Now it’s your time to let me & Fenjal know, which product is your alltime fav‘ or write a poem about it (which should be for some of you maybe a bit easier!;))

Who can participate?

All of you – who live in Austria and Germany

I’m SORRY I really know that most of you are from the UK or US or from somewhere else – BUT I’ve got the chance just to send the 5 Fenjal packages to winners in Austria and Germany!

But for all other of you – DON’T be afraid, I’ll try to make at next an international giveaway!;)

As I know – how it is annoying don’t have the chance to participate – I’ve been as well sometimes really sad about not having the chance to participate - so I truly understand you all (from US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc.!;))


What you’ve to do to win this package?

All YOU have to do is - choose between 1. or 2. – I’ll accept JUST 1 option!:

Create a short post on your own blog about your fav‘ Fenjal product + the memory you connect with it(no matter whether it's one of your summer vacation, childhood memory etc.) and put the link into the comment section under this post + your mail address

Write an own poem in the comment section + your mail address – which should contain the words: Fenjal, Soap, Moisture, Lotion, Summer, Love and Scent – let your creativity raise I’m soooo interested to read them!;)
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When will this giveaway be complete/close?

On the 20th of July 2014!
(Giveaway finally ended!)

So I hope you’ll be interested in this giveaway and I’m soooooo excited – how many will let me know there own Fenjal fav's and memories or an own written poem about Fenjal would be fun as well!;)

Wish you all a great evening!


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