Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fenjal Sensitive Summer*

Hi guys;),

I've recetly received a nice pack of different products from the fenjal sensitive body/hand care range (made in Switzerland) and I'm sooooo excited to show them all to you!;) 

As fenjal is a classic and renommated drugstore brand (the price is lower than other high-end products BUT the quality isn't low at all - the creamy texture, fast absorbness and fresh scent will blow up your minds!;)).

During the hot warm summer sunny days we all know, that sometimes our skin turns to be more sensitive and dry than normally and usually we need a recovering and calm protection after a long day at the beach, sun and after a funny day just outside;)!

Fenjal's micro-emulsion-techology will protect your body/hand skin with an intensive moisture and the oil-complex will ensure a great  calming and nourishing effect!

150ml, 4.99€*

During you're in the shower you should definitively try fenjal's sensitive cream-oil shower* as the light yellow transparent (oil) shower gel with pure avocado-oil, which is perfect for sensitive and dry skin types.


After you've taken your daily after sun bath or pampering bath routine you can use fenjal's sensitive deodorant spray* - which is as well great mild and refreshing after you've shaved your axels.

150ml, 3.29€*

It has the typical powdery and fresh "washed" scent like you will surely know from fenjal products, just a simple 24h protection for your axles and contains allantoine and Zero alcohol!;)


So far so good;). Now it's time to moisturize and protect your whole body skin after you've been showering and pampering your body with the fenjal sensitive Body Lotion*:

400ml, 5.29€*

This body lotion* will pamper your (whole) body skin with almond oil and natural oat extracts as well as a light but beautiful refreshing spring/summer scent - a great lotion during your summer vac' guys!;)

It's ultra gentle to your sensitive skin and leaves your body vitalized and satin soft!;)


Last but not least - DON'T forget to pamper and moisturize your hands/ hand skin to avoid an extra dryness and "flaky" skin texture (which almost everytime happened to myself after a long sun bath or after washing my dishes without a dishwasher and instead with my hands - with or without hand gloves it happened ALL time!)).

75ml, 3.99€*

Fenjal's sensitive care hand cream *with pure avocado oil is a great soothing hand cream for sensible and dry hands and as Fenjal itself says: "A premium hand care of the very highest level with glycerine, panthenol and pentavitin soothes and nutures your hand skin and it's a light but intensive care with fast absorbing" and this hand cream fortifies your nails as well!


Have you ever tried out some of fenjal's body/hand care products?! Would you like to try them/fenjal's sensitive body/hand care range out as well?!

Wish you all a wonderful Sunday!


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