Thursday, 5 June 2014

BATHROOM - What I've been using currently

Hi everyone:),

yesterday (evening;)) I've as well made some "snapshot's" from my current fav' body/teeth-/facial care products, which you would definitely find in my bathroom, if you would visit me;)!

1. Start with washing my face:

1. Rub a hazelnut sized portion of Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap in my hands and apply it on my face with a soft massage and remove it with light warm water
2. During my night facial wash routine I'm applying my fav' night facial moisturizer/treatment, which is the Shea Moisture "Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion"
3. During my morning facial wash routine I'm applying one of my fav' facial day moisturizers from Nivea it would be the Sensitive Day Care Tube* or Trader Joe's enrich moisturizing face lotion with SPF/LSF of 15!


2. Lip Care - as I won't have dry and "cracked" lippies through cold days or toooo hot one;)!:

I really adore my tiny Bag Balm tin - the smell isn't everybody's choice or taste BUT the effect of moisturize and softness is Awesome! I pretty much love to apply it during weekends or night/late nights as it's richer, thicker and more intensive (as well the scent) as other lip care products. It can be used as a multi-care balm, it's NOT created JUST for lips or for lips in fact, it was made for cow bags (that's why it's called Bag Balm;)).

My 2nd fav' lip balm product is the one by eos called "Summer Fruit". It has a perfect Fruit Punch scent, which always reminds me on hot pool days during summer;)!

3. Bath Time - I like to take a rich and relaxing bath guys;)!:

For long baths I prefer high quality hard Bar Soaps (which must NOT be the most expensive BUT good!) and currently I'm using "Wellness Soap -  Shower&Bath Bar Soap Sheabutter and Almond" by Speick and also found a new lovely scented "Purely Pampering Coconut Milk" cream bar soap by Dove.

For taking shower or bubblin' baths - I'm using usually shower gels (Yes shower gels NOT bath foams!) as I'm thinking the scent is always richer and the foam is as well good enough to enjoy a great bath! And Yves Rocher's "Jardins du Monde Grapefruit from Florida" Shower Gel is sooooo refreshing and citrusy and reminds me always on hot summer days in Spain - one of my fav' summer vacation memories!;) The scent is soooo - OMG!:)

The second fresh sportive and after a sun bath good shower gel is by Nivea called "pure fresh"* it's an unisex "ocean" scent - good for you and your sweetheart as well!;)


4. How I Moisturize my whole body:

1. I'm applying often during spring/summer the light firming and anti-cellulite treatment/oil* by Weleda - without having Cellulite BUT these product smells soooo good after citrus and rosemary herb - LOVELY!;) And as I'm swimming more ofthen during hot days it gives you an extra firmness - no matter if you are in your 20s like me or older - it's never too late to get an extra firm body look;)!

2. After a long working day I'll refresh my body with an extra refreshing and calming lotion or as well during my summer vacation at the beach. This "Sensitive Apres-Spray" with Jojoba by alverde organic cosmetics will pamper your whole body with an extra moisture as well as it will calm my irritated body skin. The scent is really light not really recognizeable BUT the texture is like a light non-fat yogurt and as well it's sooo fast absorbing on your skin without leaving a grease feeling!


5. Pampering my hands/nails:

After a long bath or shower I prefer to moisturize my cuticles, nails as well as hands right after I've dry myself with my towel from head to my toes!:) The skin pores are not fully closed after you've been in a warm water/or shower and so the effects of the different hand care and nail care products/treatments can be bigger than usually!;)

1. Healthy Hoof Cuticle/Nail cream by Gena has a lovely relaxing lavender scent and it's rich, creamy and fast absorbing and creates a perfect healthy looking finger skin texture! Contains for example: Lanolin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Allantoin, Dimethicone, Lavender Oil

2. Jessica Phenomen Oil*, which contains oils from: Jojoba, Almond, Rice - these will moisturize your dry cuticles and damaged cuticle skin/nail texture (avoids nail chip, damaged nail texture). This oil could be as well used for your dry elbow-/foot-/knee skin! It makes my cuticles more softer and the hands just looks healthier than before!:)


6. Brush my teeth:

I usually brush my teeth in the morning, night so 2 times/day and sometimes as well during the day - that depends, what I've eaten - oh well....or.... you know guys what I mean, I brush it 2 - 3 times/day not less and not more!;)

My toothbrush was always one of Dr. Best's range (since my childhood) - currently using the "Polimed" brush by Dr. Best as well as some from Gum (which is as well a brilliant toothbrush brand!) (love the Classic as well the Spinners as it's better for my teeths!;)) and my current tooth paste is from Oral-B the "blend-a-med Pro Expert Deep Cleansing" with mint flavor.

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