Sunday, 8 June 2014


Hi everyone of you;),

wow, it's been such a hot weekend (as we have now Sunday - I've meant "been" as tomorrow it's finally Monday - as well free day!;)). And during my free days/weekends/inspiration time;) I'm quite love to wear natural or organic cosmetics and makeup products - to let my facial skin "detox" - you know;)?!

So yesterday (sorry, but I've been soooo busy yesterday;)) I've made this great "bronzy" kinda like "going out to escape our bright and beautiful beach and surf with the boys!" look, which I just called "Au Natural" - as it should bright up your own true inner/outside beauty!;)

The products I've used:



Illuminating Powder - Total Reflection #01 (Lavera)

Stay Positive, self-confident, HAPPY and stay to YOU:

Well I'm NOT a makeup artist or a makeup guru or any other important person for saying what's now on the hot top list of any kind of makeup BUT I'm trying to create and do my best to show you some of my latest fav' kinda makeup looks and inspirations and hopefully you'll like this as well as I do!;)


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