Sunday, 15 June 2014

"Are You Lonesome To Night" OOTD

Hi my beloved readers;),

I've though to wear today (before I've worn my workout outfit;)) one of my fav' 50s/vintage style red coral dress from BeBop Clothing with a lovely floral pattern!

It's really light to wear and I pretty much enjoy the length of it - my addiction to Mini/Short Dresses won't stop  (I know durin' the 50s many young girls as well as ladies have worn more middle size Dresses BUT I don't like them soooo much you know?!;)).

Oh I've called this OOTD "Are You Lonesome To Night" as the song (which was sang by the famous Elvis Presley!) has inspired me to create this outfit:


I've browsed through vintage 50s magazines and found that this dress is a "multi" dress, which shouldn't be missed in your wardrobe as well -  If you like such types of dresses as well!;) As it will totally fit on a 50s/vintage party and look as well as durin' hot summer days in our todays/"modern" world!;) It won't go out of the time as the shape is timeless and the pattern will be loved by many girls in 100 years (I'm sure!;)) as well as decades ago!;)

Did you've escaped BeBop's Clothing page? The brand is awesome , they creates wonderful fresh, young and feminine shaped as well as california girl inspired dresses and other clothes pieces! I've first saw pieces in NYC (as well as Century21 - just an insider "hotspot" from me;)).

Would you like to wear it?!  


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