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17.6.14 - MARLOX GROUP EVENT (Jewelry & Watches)

Hi everyone;),

I've been yesterday (maybe you've seen some pic's as well on my Instagram since yesterday;)) on a trip to Vienna to visit this year's Roadshow Autumn/Winter '14 Event (by Marlox Group) in one of the most highend and modern hotel locations - Austrian Trend Hotel Park Royal Palace - which is located near the technique museum of Vienna and Schönbrunn!;):


The catering/breakfast buffet was rich (you've got from freshly made ham & eggs, small crossinis with salami etc. - well I DON'T eat meat any kind BUT you could find as well different breads, croissants, cheese or like for me sweet tooth freshly made porridge with kiwi or other fruits, cereals as well as pastry!;)) and different 100% juices from Rauch or sparkling/still Water from Römerquelle!;)

JOOP! has created wonderful "grey-ish" (between beige and grey) and rose-/yellow gold watches as well as jewelry for the next autumn/winter '14 season!;) - In each watch/jewelry you'll find a high-end work, quality as well as mix between new.

I pretty much adore such 80s or Art-Deco inspired jewelry and if it's like this necklace above in rose gold - my heart really bloom up a bit!;)

Esprit Collection has created wonderful simple chic silver/yellow gold/rose gold jewelry (so everyone of us will find their fav' in their latest collection - I'm sure!;)) with plain finish or decorated with sparklin' stones.

The necklaces created by Esprit are very light, feminine and looks absoultely luxorious with the thin chain optic and the sparklin' stones on the charm of each necklace - not just something for Valentines Day BUT as well during a year as a BF's to GF's gift or just for you as a small kinda of happiness shopping experience!;)

They've as well created beautiful and lovely detailed Esprit charms (latest collection "Palm Beach")for your fav' and individual created charm bangle/bracelet - as I'm wearing such bracelet really often (when I need something to pimp up my whole outfit;)) I've been obsessed with some of them (for example: the flamingo one (YES I adore this bird creature;)), the "ILoveNY" as I really love this state of the US!;) and of course I like the golden sea star or the van or the lucky clover or the butterfly - Ohhhhh I would adore to have them almost all (like the Thomas Sabo ones - I collect over years now!;)).

The Summer (watch/jewelry set) Collection '14 by Esprit called "Lovely Pastels" is the ultimative must-have for each young and fresh girl on earth to wear to the beloved jeans shorts with crochet white top or with a mint green cardigan like I've worn yesterday!;) (Yep I would take absolutely the mint one - as it would perfectly suit to my cardigan, to my latest blouse I've bought and to many other clothes and mint is the new turquoise guys!;)).

For more lux' moments try out on of their latest (or maybe this sparklin' and lux' high-end watch;)) Esprit Collection (yellow) golden watches! - Definitely an eye-catcher BUT not to overloaded or "kitschy"  - it's really more classic and high-lux' inspired (I would take it if it would be in rose-gold as I'm in love with rose-golden jewelry and accessoires BUT like the lovely Marlox PR lady has said - the yellow gold will definitely find a main place in the next season!).

It was such a fun to escape all the latest Esprit, Joop! jewelry & watches as well as many other brand watches like: Puma, Kenneth Cole or Pierre Cardin!

I've talked to the lovely PR-lady Jasmin (she's really sooooo friendly and I'm happy, that I've meet her in real;)!) As well I've meet one other young girl - which I've met on an other event this spring (Bell&Ross and Carina E Vincenzo) her blog is called "BeautyGlace" and I really enjoyed to speak with her a pretty much LONG time!;)

What would you like to wear from the latest summer and autumn/winter '14 collections?!

Wish you all a sunny day!;)


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