Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hi guys;),

today I’ve wonderful news: I’m making a giveaway in cooperation with Fenjal and 5 of YOU will get the chance to win a  package (4-5 products) of Fenjal Products – like the sensitive care range I’ve reviewed in my last post (here).

My first meet with Fenjal was during my childhood – my mum always uses and bought the nice small turquoise plastic tin with the white (today it's blue;)) creamy Fenjal Cream soap, which has a really unique refreshing and powdery – the typical classic Fenjal scent!
 (Photo Credit: Fenjal)

As well we’ve packed this beloved Fenjal Soap into our luggage in 1998 – when I was 5 years old and I’ve taken it with me on my first flight! It was a lovely Summer vacation and since this time I knew – which body care basics I need to pack all the time with me – when I’m on the road/flight! 

Here you can see one of a kinda Fenjal "history" commercial:

(I've found this video on their own official Fenjal Youtube Channel

No matter whether my (sensitive and fairy) skin was irritated by the sun or got finally a sunburn (yes I’ve used a sunscreen BUT as a child I was x’tra sensitive – I’ve always been;)) and Fenjal’s soap was still really soft and calmed my hot and red body – the scent is awesome – really relaxing, which I’m still like as a 20 something!;)

So that’s my story about my alltime Fenjal fav‘ product – the Classic Cream Soap!

Now it’s your time to let me & Fenjal know, which product is your alltime fav‘ or write a poem about it (which should be for some of you maybe a bit easier!;))

Who can participate?

All of you – who live in Austria and Germany

I’m SORRY I really know that most of you are from the UK or US or from somewhere else – BUT I’ve got the chance just to send the 5 Fenjal packages to winners in Austria and Germany!

But for all other of you – DON’T be afraid, I’ll try to make at next an international giveaway!;)

As I know – how it is annoying don’t have the chance to participate – I’ve been as well sometimes really sad about not having the chance to participate - so I truly understand you all (from US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc.!;))


What you’ve to do to win this package?

All YOU have to do is - choose between 1. or 2. – I’ll accept JUST 1 option!:

Create a short post on your own blog about your fav‘ Fenjal product + the memory you connect with it(no matter whether it's one of your summer vacation, childhood memory etc.) and put the link into the comment section under this post + your mail address

Write an own poem in the comment section + your mail address – which should contain the words: Fenjal, Soap, Moisture, Lotion, Summer, Love and Scent – let your creativity raise I’m soooo interested to read them!;)
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When will this giveaway be complete/close?

On the 20th of July 2014!
(Giveaway finally ended!)

So I hope you’ll be interested in this giveaway and I’m soooooo excited – how many will let me know there own Fenjal fav's and memories or an own written poem about Fenjal would be fun as well!;)

Wish you all a great evening!


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fenjal Sensitive Summer*

Hi guys;),

I've recetly received a nice pack of different products from the fenjal sensitive body/hand care range (made in Switzerland) and I'm sooooo excited to show them all to you!;) 

As fenjal is a classic and renommated drugstore brand (the price is lower than other high-end products BUT the quality isn't low at all - the creamy texture, fast absorbness and fresh scent will blow up your minds!;)).

During the hot warm summer sunny days we all know, that sometimes our skin turns to be more sensitive and dry than normally and usually we need a recovering and calm protection after a long day at the beach, sun and after a funny day just outside;)!

Fenjal's micro-emulsion-techology will protect your body/hand skin with an intensive moisture and the oil-complex will ensure a great  calming and nourishing effect!

150ml, 4.99€*

During you're in the shower you should definitively try fenjal's sensitive cream-oil shower* as the light yellow transparent (oil) shower gel with pure avocado-oil, which is perfect for sensitive and dry skin types.


After you've taken your daily after sun bath or pampering bath routine you can use fenjal's sensitive deodorant spray* - which is as well great mild and refreshing after you've shaved your axels.

150ml, 3.29€*

It has the typical powdery and fresh "washed" scent like you will surely know from fenjal products, just a simple 24h protection for your axles and contains allantoine and Zero alcohol!;)


So far so good;). Now it's time to moisturize and protect your whole body skin after you've been showering and pampering your body with the fenjal sensitive Body Lotion*:

400ml, 5.29€*

This body lotion* will pamper your (whole) body skin with almond oil and natural oat extracts as well as a light but beautiful refreshing spring/summer scent - a great lotion during your summer vac' guys!;)

It's ultra gentle to your sensitive skin and leaves your body vitalized and satin soft!;)


Last but not least - DON'T forget to pamper and moisturize your hands/ hand skin to avoid an extra dryness and "flaky" skin texture (which almost everytime happened to myself after a long sun bath or after washing my dishes without a dishwasher and instead with my hands - with or without hand gloves it happened ALL time!)).

75ml, 3.99€*

Fenjal's sensitive care hand cream *with pure avocado oil is a great soothing hand cream for sensible and dry hands and as Fenjal itself says: "A premium hand care of the very highest level with glycerine, panthenol and pentavitin soothes and nutures your hand skin and it's a light but intensive care with fast absorbing" and this hand cream fortifies your nails as well!


Have you ever tried out some of fenjal's body/hand care products?! Would you like to try them/fenjal's sensitive body/hand care range out as well?!

Wish you all a wonderful Sunday!


Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hi everyone,

I adore linen/cotton white/cream shaded clothes as well as some pair of "simple" sandals and a pair of nice jeans pants & I'm ready to go on one of the best Summer Festivals '14!;)

I've let myself as well inspired by some good festival kinda songs like for example "The Writing's On The Wall" by OK Go!;)

What I've been wearing:

100% Cotton Linen Blouse/Top - Mango 35.99€ - HERE
  Slim-Fit-Jeans - Tchibo* approx. 19.95€
(98% Cotton and 2% Elastane  - pocket lining: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton)
Pink Leather Sandals - Tchibo* 12.95€
(Sandal bed/foot: 100% leather, rubber ground, cork-latex foot bed)

To view the whole "Taste of Country Living" collection - just feel free to visit Tchibo's online shop or one local shop in your area - as the pieces will be available from 2nd July 2014 for a limited time of 4-6 weeks guys!;)

How you like this OOTD for the next Summer Festivals in your area - would you wear the same kinda thing?!

Wish you all a great afternoon!;)


VIENNA HOTSPOT: Orangery At Schönbrunn

Hi guys;),

as you (maybe;)) know, that I've been 2 days ago in Vienna during an event - I've as well visited some of my fav' places in vienna and escaped one new!;) The Orangery at the Schönbrunn area is a fantastic and breathtaking place to get new energy and inspirations for the next months!;)

 Have you ever been there?! - For more informations please feel free to visit their official page (HERE).

It's such a lovely place to stay for a while and breathe the fresh air and regard the beautiful palms, orange trees and other plants!;)


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Kenneth Cole, LUMI NOX & Mondaine (Marlox Group Event)*

Hi my beloved readers (as I'm soooooo happy you follow me;)),

as in my last post about the Marlox Group Event - which took place yesterday the 17th June '14 in the Hotel Park Royal Palace. I've seen soooo many nice jewelry as well as watches (which I DON'T wear to be honest BUT there are some types, which I've really liked BUT I wouldn't buy or need it as I wouldn't really often wear them!- I'm definitely not a watch type/wearer of person;)).


But Kenneth Cole New York - reminds me TOTALLY on New York!;) I've seen soooo many people there (young girls, business mens, college guys as well as seniors) buying this type of watches as well as there are selling this high-end watches as well after each season in one of my fav' shopping "mecca's" Century 21!;) (By the way I've as well a customer card of this awesome place in NYC;)) The watches has always the needed elegance, classic touch and high-end finish!

But Kenneth Cole New York isn't JUST a watch design brand - they creates wonderful shaped bags and shoes as well!

Luminox (a watch brand that lights all day long no matter whether it's dark or light - it has a self-powered illumination in timepieces) has a partnership with commercial spaceliner Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) 

Their watches have been requested and supplied to a long list of special forces that work in the SEA, AIR and LAND, and now adds a 4th dimension – SPACE. Luminox has been part of the Essential Gear by U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Air Force Stealth Pilots, SWAT teams, Police and rescue organizations around the world, and Underwater explorers, and now will be worn by the Astronauts (and passengers) of the SXC Spaceships as a new series of special timepieces are being developed that can withstand the incredible G-Forces and weightlessness encountered in spaceflights. (via Luminox Space)


The Clocks/Clock Collection of Mondaine has a superior design and are a perfect and legendary timeless gift for someone who enjoyes to wear classic types of fashion as well as for a unique wall art at your own home!

The Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watch (which shows perfectly the Swiss time icon in a simple and clean ingenuity and 20th Century design) with the simple and easy-to-read face as well as the distinctive black thick hands and the unique red seconds hand (which jumps automatically on the 2nd second after it reaches the 12!) make it soooo timeless and unique.

As well as I've talked to the lovely PR-lady Maren and listened to her great Mondaine/Luminox watch presentation. She really knows sooooo much about the different high-end watches and she's such a professional lady too!;)
What types of watches do you prefer and would you like to wear or did you have a watch of the brands: Kenneth Cole, Luminox or Mondaine?!


17.6.14 - MARLOX GROUP EVENT (Jewelry & Watches)

Hi everyone;),

I've been yesterday (maybe you've seen some pic's as well on my Instagram since yesterday;)) on a trip to Vienna to visit this year's Roadshow Autumn/Winter '14 Event (by Marlox Group) in one of the most highend and modern hotel locations - Austrian Trend Hotel Park Royal Palace - which is located near the technique museum of Vienna and Schönbrunn!;):


The catering/breakfast buffet was rich (you've got from freshly made ham & eggs, small crossinis with salami etc. - well I DON'T eat meat any kind BUT you could find as well different breads, croissants, cheese or like for me sweet tooth freshly made porridge with kiwi or other fruits, cereals as well as pastry!;)) and different 100% juices from Rauch or sparkling/still Water from Römerquelle!;)

JOOP! has created wonderful "grey-ish" (between beige and grey) and rose-/yellow gold watches as well as jewelry for the next autumn/winter '14 season!;) - In each watch/jewelry you'll find a high-end work, quality as well as mix between new.

I pretty much adore such 80s or Art-Deco inspired jewelry and if it's like this necklace above in rose gold - my heart really bloom up a bit!;)

Esprit Collection has created wonderful simple chic silver/yellow gold/rose gold jewelry (so everyone of us will find their fav' in their latest collection - I'm sure!;)) with plain finish or decorated with sparklin' stones.

The necklaces created by Esprit are very light, feminine and looks absoultely luxorious with the thin chain optic and the sparklin' stones on the charm of each necklace - not just something for Valentines Day BUT as well during a year as a BF's to GF's gift or just for you as a small kinda of happiness shopping experience!;)

They've as well created beautiful and lovely detailed Esprit charms (latest collection "Palm Beach")for your fav' and individual created charm bangle/bracelet - as I'm wearing such bracelet really often (when I need something to pimp up my whole outfit;)) I've been obsessed with some of them (for example: the flamingo one (YES I adore this bird creature;)), the "ILoveNY" as I really love this state of the US!;) and of course I like the golden sea star or the van or the lucky clover or the butterfly - Ohhhhh I would adore to have them almost all (like the Thomas Sabo ones - I collect over years now!;)).

The Summer (watch/jewelry set) Collection '14 by Esprit called "Lovely Pastels" is the ultimative must-have for each young and fresh girl on earth to wear to the beloved jeans shorts with crochet white top or with a mint green cardigan like I've worn yesterday!;) (Yep I would take absolutely the mint one - as it would perfectly suit to my cardigan, to my latest blouse I've bought and to many other clothes and mint is the new turquoise guys!;)).

For more lux' moments try out on of their latest (or maybe this sparklin' and lux' high-end watch;)) Esprit Collection (yellow) golden watches! - Definitely an eye-catcher BUT not to overloaded or "kitschy"  - it's really more classic and high-lux' inspired (I would take it if it would be in rose-gold as I'm in love with rose-golden jewelry and accessoires BUT like the lovely Marlox PR lady has said - the yellow gold will definitely find a main place in the next season!).

It was such a fun to escape all the latest Esprit, Joop! jewelry & watches as well as many other brand watches like: Puma, Kenneth Cole or Pierre Cardin!

I've talked to the lovely PR-lady Jasmin (she's really sooooo friendly and I'm happy, that I've meet her in real;)!) As well I've meet one other young girl - which I've met on an other event this spring (Bell&Ross and Carina E Vincenzo) her blog is called "BeautyGlace" and I really enjoyed to speak with her a pretty much LONG time!;)

What would you like to wear from the latest summer and autumn/winter '14 collections?!

Wish you all a sunny day!;)