Saturday, 17 May 2014


Hi everyone,

you maybe know these days as well:

It's a rainy day, you won't go out or just don't find the right words and no new ideas are coming through your head?! The only thing you're holding in your hands is your cam' - don't know what I'll shoot as it's nothing soooo important to show you or to hold for my own memories in mind?! - Weird?!

Well, today is such a day! It's raining, cold (I hate that kind of weather and climate) and I can't really find a good topic about which I should write and create another wonderful post for you guys and for myself. So I've browsed through my kinda "Blogging-Pic's & Etc." archieves and found some really lovely pic's from one of my last walks through our local forest and park:

I'm not really a Country Girl and don't like tooooo much nature - I'm more like the Girl likes Nature during stressful times another days enjoying life in the city forest;)!

Yeah so here you'll see some of the little forest creatures I've seen there:

You see sometimes there are hidden treasures and miracles NOT really far away from your home;) - Don't waist the time to spend "unproductive" minutes and seconds at home and JUST escape the WORLD!;)

Have a wonderful comfy Saturday evening and a great Sunday guys;)!


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