Friday, 16 May 2014

"Tropical Mermaid" OOTD*

Hi everyone:),

as it's finally raining again (for the maybe 1000s time - and I HATE that;)) I'm highly interested to showing you my latest fav' Marc Cain dress* - MAYBE the best and beautiful dress I've worn since a long time (it's just my own opinion - sorry guys;)). I'm really excited to show you my result of my "Tropical Mermaid" OOTD pic's - I just LOVE this Marc Cain dress;):

It looks like hand-painted and the shape is sooooo lovely, really comfy to wear and sooooo light - it's like your 2nd skin!;)

"Once there was a palm, a sun, a wide bright sunny beach. Look it seems like the sun will smile on YOU!;)"

 I really love vintage/retro music and especially this summer song called "Banana Split" by The McGuire Sisters seems to suit sooooo well with this OOTD!;):

I adore as well the nice silver holders, the fine details of this dress are awesome!:

What I've worn:

Dress - Marc Cain*
Black Wedge-Pumps (Vintage) - Deichmann
Pineapple Earrings (NYC Haul) - Aeropostale

How you find this OOTD?!

Wish you an amazing weekend adventure!;)


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