Sunday, 11 May 2014

Trader Joe's Spiced Chai

Hi guys:),

I love teas. In any kind and any flavour - especially the black-/fruit and chai teas has reached my heart and I'd like to show you my latest beloved Chai tea by Trader Joe's called "Spiced Chai" - which I've finally finished;(  - I can't wait to visit US soon again to re-buy this deliciously tea creation!

Why it is as well special - 'cause of the packaging! Trader Joe's always creates the most lovely and beautiful art packaging for their natural/organic products any kind. 

The taste is spicy BUT not too much strong like "hot" spicyness - if you know what I mean?! and I've found out that with (low fat) milk it's much more delicious than without and I as well squeeze a teaspoon of agave syrup sometimes to make it much more sweet - BUT without any sugar it's as well delicious.

I prefer to drink teas usually without any sweetness, as  I'm of the opinion that you can (as a tea lover;)) just find out the true taste and scent without giving some extra sugar/sweetness to the original tea flavor! But if I'm making Trader Joe's Spiced Chai (any kind of Chai teas) I mostly drink it with milk and a squeeze of Agave Syrup!

The ingredients list is as well sooo delicious:

After you open the tea paper case you'll see that the tea sachets are storaged in a further thin paper - to protect the sachets - as they aren't packaged individually in a paper bag!

The amount of sachets (20 teabags) is quite normal (BUT for a tea addicted person like me the tea sachets amount can't be never enough;)). The price (1.99 $) is really good for such an high-quality tea product!;)

Did you've tried out the Trader Joe's Spiced Chai or any other kind of tea?!



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    1. It's really a yummy tea;)! Oh I was as well overwhelmed about the Trader Joe's store in NYC during my vac' in March '14!:)

      Wish you a lovely week!

      NIKA Bittner