Tuesday, 13 May 2014

SUN P.#1: Pure & Gentle Sunstick for Baby & Delicate Skin


as the summer comes nearer and nearer it's highly IMPORTANT to pamper and protect your facial- and body skin with the needed and RIGHT! SPF/LSF sunscreen products!

And as that's always a really important topic for myself - I would like to start today with my 1st "SUN P.", which means Sun Protection and I'll probably make 9 different posts about Sun Protection, how to care and protect your skin from the agressive sun lights as well as body/facial pampering and calming after bath skin care routines etc..

It's May, I know, so as I'm having now right at the moment more time than usually I'll have during the Summer Time (hope so;)) it's the best and right time to start with this important and really interesting (for me;)) topics like Sun Protection.


Pure&Gentle Sunstick for Baby & Delicate Skin with SPF/LSF of 60 from the Harmon Face Values range (5.99$) is a cheaper version of Neutrogena's  Pure & Free Baby Stick with SPF/LSF of 60+ - which has the price of 7.99$! BUT the ingredients are almost the same just some ingredients are different and the packaging is almost similar!

The "switch" system to apply the Sunstick in the best way and easy on your face and different sensitive body parts (arms, legs, hands or your neck). 

It's a plain white Sunstick with a cream-/powdery texture and it blends really smoothly and easy on your own facial/body skin - you DON'T need to rub it to avoid beeing white like a school black board chalk/crayon;)!  


The Sunstick is really translucent after you've blend it into your skin & it doesn't take much time as it's creamy in texture as mentioned above and the powdery texture is as well a great point for using on your face - doesn't leaves you shiny at all!:)

Did you've EVER bought something at Harmon or the Pure&Gentle Sunstick for Baby & Delicate Skin with SPF/LSF 60 ?!

Have a lovely evening/night/morning (where you're currently:)).


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