Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Short Vacation Trip: PRAGUE

Hi everyone;),

I've not written any post since Sunday - as I've been on a short vacation/trip to Prague from last Monday until today (just arrived almost 2 hours ago;)). And as I'm planning a LOT at the moment I'm not always in the best inspiration mood BUT always try to satisfied myself as well as YOU;) (as I'm always sooooo happy to get comments and to answer them if I've time;)).

Maybe you've seen my old Prague holiday posts and maybe you've been as well once or often in Prague?!

Trdelnik- one of the typical czech/slovak sweet baked heaven;)!

I'v as well been at one of the lovely Bohemia Bagel's restaurants/breakfast places (Lázeňská 19, Praha 1 - Malá strana) - where I've eaten my 1st Bohemia Bagel!;):

My 1st Bohemia Bagel wholemeal/oats bagel with strawberry jam:

Kampa Island & Certovka or "Little Prague Venice" with the reluctantly seen (love) keys:


I've really been in LOT shopping centres:

(These pic's and other you'll see on my Instagram Account;))

Shopping Centres I've visited (some of the shopping centres aren't on the collage above as I've forgot to make some pictures more;)!):


was opened 2007, contains currently 180 shops, 20 restaurants, bars and cafés of five floors, one of the biggest shopping centres in the Czech Republic at this time, it's on the opposite site of OD Kotva, the site where it stands was under control of the Army until being sold in the 1990s

20 000 m2 sales floor and 18 000 m2 office floor , 130 brand shops and activities, 4 floors, on the 4th floor are different restaurants and the Cinema City with 3D Imax

was opened 9th November 2005, 55 000 m2 sales floor, more than 212 shops/restaurants

the latest shopping mall/area in the middle/centre of Prague was opened 6th of March 2014 and contains currently 20 shops/restaurants

was opened 2001, 85 150 m2, contains 160 shops/restaurants, a 2 floor hypermarket and a multiplex cinema with 12 movie rooms

Old Vintage:

75th anniversary -since 19th march 1939, was the most modern and the biggest in east and west europe!, inside you'll find the 1st escalator in middle europe since in the 30s! the shopping area and inside is similar to Wertheim and Karstadt in Berlin or De Buenkorf  in Rotterdam

was built during 1970-1975, it's an hexagon building/architecture, was the biggest shopping mall/center during the Czechoslovakia era

My fav' will still be OC Smichov (Station: Andel) & Palladium!;)

 There are sooooo many different places and things to see in Prague - just escape!;):

Hope you've had a great week!



  1. i can never get over the architecture- i can just walk around and stare at it for hours. so, so beautiful!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Oh really;) I've as well fav' places and as it's the country and as well the city where my whole family came from I've spend a LOT of time there during my childhood (on vacations or free days from school - as I've grown up in Austria;)).

      My fav' places, away from shopping centres;) are the Vodickova street - there aren't just cute small shops BUT I pretty much like to walk along the street it's one of my fav's in Prague.

      As well as I pretty much adore the National Theatre (the old one) this is the only building I've fall in love, when I was a little girl - the golden roof and the massive architecture and the whole building - always overwhelming;)

      Oh and the Old New Synagogue always was magical for me - especially during the christmas time, when the old city centre of Prague was white from snow as well as the Old New Synagogue and I've heard during some walks through the old town always the story about Golem. A bit scary and a bit mysterious for myself, when I was a child;)

      But I think that's the real magic, if you believe on something during your childhood and after you grown up and return on the same place you just feel the same like a child;)!

      Wish you a great week + weekend!;)

      NIKA Bittner

      P.S.: One of the best cakes & patisserie during your stay in Prague (if you'll return some day or if you would like to eat something sweet;)) - Mysak ( . A traditional old cafeteria and coffee house - where ice cream and cakes are served during spring/summer time and during autumn/winter you'll find a massive and huge range of different cakes, petit fours and other sweet treats.

      My great-grandmother used to visit this place with my grandma when she was small. My grandma used to visit this gorgeous place when my mum was a little girl and my mum used to visit it since I was small until now when we've some free time;)! - Well it's a classic place to eat cake for us;)!

  2. Prague looks so pretty! I would like to visit there sometime! Love your photos! Your sunnies are so cute too! Just found your blog and really love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


    1. I'm glad you like my post about Prague;) Well if you've read one of my latest OOTD posts you'll have seen that I've worn as well the glasses/sunnies there;) - They are from Forever 21.

      It's always soooo great to see, that some of you guys outside;) like my blog and what I'm doing - I'm always trying to make interesting and great posts for you and for me as a memory as well!;)

      Have a wonderful next week!

      NIKA Bittner

  3. Really beautiful photos, I love seeing people's holiday pics! x

    1. I do love to see others on their holidays and while they are making memories with their own cam' lenses - it's like you've been there just through their own eye view;)! A great inspiration for traveling by your own or with your best friends or family.

      Thank you sooo much and have a great week:)

      NIKA Bittner

      P.S.: I'm loving your whole blog design as well as I'm reading often your posts - since a LONG time;)!

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