Monday, 19 May 2014

#Men Beauty: NIVEA After Shave Fluids*

Hi everyone:),

another week just started and I know, that I'm soooo slow sometimes with the latest beauty news - as I'm not a fulltime blogger just do it for myself and for you guys as a kind of freetime work (hopefully it will turn soon something bigger and better;)) it's really hard sometimes to catch the right time and to write each morning or late evening or on free days (which are more in the Summertime;)) about the latest beauty/lifestyle products, my life and my travel adventures or just inspirations!

But wait! I DON'T wanna be a kind of person who always says "Oh I'm sooooo sorry, that I'm soooo helpless, improper in time or impotent to do it like other bloggers do it!" 'cause blogging should be a fun and it was still a fun and happy time for myself with LOTS of good and peaceful moments and I DON'T wanna to change it!

So I think, that I should start with my topic "NIVEA After Shave Fluids" guys right?! Well I though as the fluids are for men, that I should create a further kind of post collection/tag posts with the simple name "#Men". And to be honest the full amount of posts will be 2! Yes a really short post collection BUT maybe important for some of you girls to get further gift ideas for your BF or husband!;) - And the two brandnew Nivea Men After Shave Fluids are available from April 2014 usually in each drugstore or local supermarket.

There are two types of Nivea Men After Shave Fluids:

(Photo Credit: Nivea, Nivea Men)

This one will fast absorb and vitalize your BF's or husbands or brothers or any other men skin with minerals from the sea, pro vitamine B5 will care and regenerate the skin after shaving and gives the skin a comfortable and refrigerant feeling and touch including an athletic refreshing scent!

9.45 € / 100ml

This Nivea Men Skin Energy After Shave Fluid* will as well fast absorb into his facial skin but it has a light formula and contains vitamine E (which will calm and regenerate the facial skin after shaving).

The active component Taurin grant the tired male skin new energy and a prompt fresh feeling.

9.45 € / 100ml

Did your BF or husband or brother or uncle or someone else in your familiy - who's male tried out one of these latest Nivea Men After Shave Fluids yet?!

Have a super successul week everyone!;)


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