Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Hi everyone;),

as I'm NOT only a (beauty-/lifestyle) blogger but as well a young girl(LADY!;)) with an addiction to new makeup/body care and facial care and other kind of products (HELP!) I though to show you my fav' Empty ones - which I'll definitely re-buy or re-purchase soon as they overwhelmed mysel!;)

This body/leg serum has overwhelmed my mind and I'll DEFINITELY re-buy it! As I was lucky to test and review this little bottle of magic out in the past 2 Weeks (YES 14 Days! - NOT 10 Days!) and I've seen that my skin is even more firmed (but YES I'm just in my 20s soooo that's normal that the skin is firmed by nature;)) and soft and that the serum* has a lovely yellow/orange shade (which NOT colored my legs) and has a citrus/fresh scent.

I've NOT really cellulite (I know, that maybe some of you guys just say that to be not blamed or something else;) - BUT NO! I don't have really one!) and the only reason I've tried it out was my thing though about the scent - which automaticly turned me into summer mood and a mixture of bodytonic from Garnier - which is completely another product type (it's a bodylotion) as well as an other brand/company!

But I really like to use such firming products durin' summer time - as I'm more doing fitness (I ADORE to go swimming!;)) and pamper my body skin after a sunny day;).

Well Firming Anti-Cellulite 10-Day Serum* will not just pamper, moisturize and firm your skin it won't leave any greasy feeling or even scent after a time! It's also pretty in size - as it lasts for 14 days like I've mentioned above - which means, if you're using it JUST for your legs and just 2 pumps each time it will last for 14 days!

The prize isn't for 75ml of such a goodness NOT much high (14.95€) - which contains Q10, natural lotus-extracts and L-Carnitin.

I've as well tried out in the past Nivea Q10plus Hand Cream* (good for dry hands), Nivea Q10 Energy firming Body-Lotion* (has a refreshing scent as well!).


This was since my first try in Summer 2013 one of my fav' drugstore BB Creams as it has the perfect shade for a light toned girl like me during the winter as well as spring and as well as summer time. It's not the highest pigmentation BUT it can play with other much higher in price BB Creams!

I've used the lightest in the shade: 010 Light Beige and I know maybe some of you will now say or think "Oh NO! you can't be light shaded as you use a Beige shade!" BUT it's completely another type of beige shade as it's NOT dark or middle dark or light BUT for us much lighter girls to dark! It's a perfect shade for daily school/work uses or during a nice shopping trip on the weekend;) I adore the feeling and creamy texture of this BB Cream and the application is really easy and saves much more product as other BB Cream packaging does!

The price of this BB Cream is as well overwhelming as it JUST costs 5.99€ for 30ml, which will lasts you for months (I've used it almost each day during work from I think last August until now! - almost 10 months!).

Definitely a try!;)

This little sample of Urban Decay's Primer Potion in the shade "Sin" was one of 4 samples, which comes with my Naked 3 palette, which I've bought at my last NYC trip!;)

I'm NOT really a girl, who always apply an eye primer or base before doing an eye makeup! I know, that the result of each makeup will look more fabulous or even cleaner with a base - BUT I'm totally too lazy to do it each time - Sorry;)!

But I've though to give it a chance and tried out this one from the 4 samples and "Sin" really has a great NOT too shiny or glittery beige/champagne shade (again beige;)) with a great finish. So you can wear JUST the eye base with some nude eyeshadow or powder without any other shadows as well if you will!;)

I'm as well really amazed about the long-lasting formula and the nice feeling after applycation - as you get sometimes really "plastic" feelings after some other eye bases/primers - I don't know, what you think?!

I would say that this Urban Decay Primer Potion is a total revolution to other eye shadow and eye makeup bases/primers and that it's definitely worth to try it out (or even another shade - depends on skin shade and type!) and yes it's high-prized BUT as well high-quality! (Price: 20.00$).

Which are your fav' Empties this month?!


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