Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dr.Hauschka's "Brit Summer" *

Hi everyone:),

hope you're well and continue to celebrating a new weekend;) (oh how I love the time - where you can grown new ideas and plans in your head and continue to work on them to come true/fullfill them!;))

Well I've got from the wonderful Dr. Hauschka PR guys two products from their natural makeup brand collection - which are:

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Face Powder loose*, which is really a good loose powder - so if you're searching for some new loose face powders or any kind of face powder give this products a try.

I know that's NOT a drugstore price product it's more high-end BUT natural as well! (so better for your skin if you know what I'm trying to say?;)) and of course it has a lovely smell of freshness and just a unique calm scent for myself.

But maybe one of the most pro's it is LONGLASTING! I've applied it just in the morning before I went to my work a(which to be honest least 4 hours today;))

"Face-Powder" Shoot;):

BUT after I've finished my work I've gone as well to our nearest shopping center as well I've NOT re-applied any powder. After I've returned back home, which was maybe 17:00 my face was a bit shiny BUT not too much like it would happen if I would grab for one of my other loose face translucent powder and don't forget it's natural!

21.50 € for 12g

Dr. Hauschka's Lipstick* in the shade: 13 Red Quartz is a limited edition shade (Inner Glow Collection like the packaging shows us;)) and it's a lovely mixture between berry red and pink color! - Great for all blondes and as well red heads!;) 

The texture of this lipstick is creamy, not too greasy or sticky and it has a kind of "lipbalm feeling" - I've just always have the feeling that my lips are extra protect with this lipstick and as well moisturized! 

I don't know why there are some "fatty" points/drops on the lipstick BUT it's not bad smelling or even out of date - maybe it's because of the texture;)

Another great natural lipstick/lip makeup product in my collection:) - As it's not typical natural, it's definitely longlasting for the half of the day at your work you just need to re-apply it 1 or 2 times and it doesn't go out of the lip line if you're not using any lipliners (like myself for example;)).

17,50 € for 4.5 g

And finally here's the "Brit Summer" makeup/look I've created with these 2 Dr.Hauschka makeup products:

The makeup look I've made was inspired by the great Cornwall landscape and Brighton Sunny Beach Days;)!

Have a wonderful weekend & Sunday!


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