Saturday, 24 May 2014

Cotton Morning OOTD

Hi everyone,

another OOTD, which I've just called "Cotton Morning" as the long blouse I've worn is made of 100% cotton and the jeans you know many jeans are made from cotton and of course my Jack Purcell's are made as well a bit from cotton - so the name seems to be right here - right?!;)

It's really sunny & HOT know and I wish I could be right know at the beach or what would be better - to live somewhere not far away from a beautiful beach - where I could go each day swim after work, blogging or singing!;) 

Well in the meantime I just relax, inspire myself and create new plans!;)

What I've worn:
Long Thin 100% Cotton Blouse with cute palm pattern (Vintage) - H&M
Jeans Shorts High-Waisted (Vintage from the H&M Child Department;)) - similar Jeansshorts HERE at H&M
Converse Jack Purcell Pink Sneakers - Jack Purcells this one in Blue are as well gorgeous;)

What are your fav' hot sunny summer weather day outfits?!

Wish you all a pretty amazing Saturday & Sunday!



  1. Haha love the reasoning behind your post! Your 100% cotton shirt is beautiful :)

    I'm the same, I live yonks away from the beach and it's been boiling all week... Drove up to my caravan this morning (which is ON a beach) and it's bloody torrential weather! It's fair to say my flip flops and sunnies won't be needed :(

    Elisse x

    1. Oh thank's;) Well I try to be soooo honest as possible;) and I'm soooo glad you liked my latest OOTD!;)

      Yes the shirt is really comfortable and light and the pattern is beautiful - I'm thinking they've got it in beige as well BUT I'm NOT sure!;)

      Have a gorgeous Sunday & next week!

      NIKA Bittner