Thursday, 10 April 2014

Weird/Confused/Happy - Falling in Love?!

Hi everyone,

Well I don't really know how to start this really IMPORTANT topic guys. But first of all let me describe you the 29th of March 2014:

It was the day when I've left the Radisson Martinique on Broadway & finally NYC. Arrived at JFK Airport Terminal 1 visited Starbucks & drink a & eat a banana (not really interesting:)) and wait on my plane from JFK to Vienna and finally sat in the plane inside.

Me at the JFK airport while waiting for the plane:

Without any makeup - just powder -as I hate makeup durin' a long flight!

The first minutes went by and suddenly a pretty and "american" young guy sat himself on the seat one seat block in front of me and asked whether he could change his seat with another one by the window - as he would like to see outside (well I don't really understood why he would like to see the darkness - as we've took the flight at 17:40 pm) but anyway he changed his seat and started to eat a sandwich (seriously he had a BIG appetite!:)) oh and he asked me whether I would like to have something from his sandwich (with chicken) as well - at that point he doesn't knew that I'm a vegeterian (but that's as well not important guys:)) 

The plane:

Finally the other people arrived at the plane (that all happened BEFORE we've started to fly!) and he must returned to his original/main reserved seat - as the window seat was sadly reserved for someone else. 

So he sat back on his in front of me and the conversation starts. He first says his name - it doesn't happen something really interesting at this time but I quite like his smile! After a while (maybe 10min. later) he asked me (and that was BEFORE we've started to fly!) whether I would like to sit on his site as there's a seat/place free AND I was so stupid and said something like: "Oh I'm thinking that it's not allowed or?" and he says something like "Who cares - we are flying and no one will come" - and finally I've sit myself beside him! (corridor seat - better to go to the toilet:))

The first thing he asked me was - what's my name again? - as he had forgot it (well I must admit that I've not as well remembered his:)) but I've said my nickname Nika (as I'm normally called so - birth name would be Dominika - but you guys know that already). 

Well the flight starts and we've talked and talked then I've began often to laugh - not about me or evven him NO! about his kind of humor and I've NEVER ever laught from the heart or truly by an other guy before! (well I've laught but you know - there wasn't any "chemical" between?!) 

Well after a while (maybe 2-3 hours later - I don't really know the time during flights is always so confusing!) I've finally asked him whether he has a girlfriend and he says no (that was a deep YES in my head - OMG!) and I've said as well that I'm a (strong) single lady. And that I've not had any "real" boyfriend/partnership until yet (YES I'm 20 - but I've NOT found the right one until now - what should I do - I'm really not a kind of "1 Day Girlfriend"!) and of course he asked me how could that be and made finally a wonderful compliment at this point to me (well he made 2-3 main compliments about me & my NYC journey of walking and traveling:)) 

Well I've started to feel comfortable and feel a kind of sympathie for him (and yea that means a LOT - I'm hard to "knack" like a big strong nut!:)) 

So a 26 years old, Brooklyn Guy - who works as a plumber/gas worker, Non-Twitterer BUT Instagramer has open something in myself and well why I've now wrote the maybe LONGEST post EVER (well I could write and write - that was onf of my strenghts at school especially by exams!)

BECAUSE I'm thinking that I'm finally turned crazy and deep confused! - Seriously! I mean it isn't really normal to "google-ing" a person (well some of you have maybe done it yet or before but well I've  done it as well in the past:)) but anyway why a guy named .... from Brooklyn?

And well the irony of that all - he asked me durin' the flight what's important or the most important thing for me to fall in love with a guy/men - and I've replied the "Bam".

Seriously I'm thinking that's a kind of "Pre-Bam"!!!!

I'm NOT a teeny anymore and I'm not a naive or even unexperienced young girl (dates or something like that - well I'm unexperienced with true BF's BUT anyway everyone needs a start or?!) 

And I've talked and seen many (really many) guys like him - but no one was really - I don't know - was really interesting or even funny (for me!) or attractive (well maybe someone else:)) like him.

I would like to write or even talk with him again - which means - I've liked his kind quite in a kind you can when you 1st see a person and make a long conversation:)

So well, he took the same flight (JFK-Vienna) on the 29th March and he took after we've arrived another flight - I'm thinking to Skopje Macedonia. 

After we've finally arrived at Vienna Airport I took my handbag and my parka jacket (he did the same thing) and we stand up and the (sh...) was that I've walked through the plane another corridor - and we didn't said "Bye" to each other - terrible for a person like me who always says "Bye" or "Hi"!

So you see the whole problem! It's like in the movie Serendipity (one of my fav') but in another kind (more real:))

If you know someone - who maybe know him (oh I forgot he has a nice like hand-written "Brooklyn" tattoo on his right forearm), maybe you know his Instagram address or another social media address - please let me know that as I'm going soon to buy and Iphone (Instagram) and for other reasons like for example my mobile is sooooo terrible now - but first of all I need a new Ipad but that's another long story:)

Well maybe I should wait - as he has my blog address - maybe you (Billy:)) are know reading my post about our nice conversation! - Well I'm giving not away my private mail address until I know the person good enough and my other social media addresses are: Twitter-NIKA80s, Youtube-TheBeachCrush and THAT's all I'm NOT on Facebook and not until now on Instagram (unfortunately). 

But if the person (you) wouldn't be interested on a further conversation/writing or meeting or I don't know - I would truly respect and understand it - as that sometimes happen - that one person fall in love and the other not so! So I need an answer - to get a better sleep and yep call me "Crazy Weird Confused and Unnormal Thinking Girl" - But hey don't judge me - if you don't know me!

Wish you all a nice day and let me know if you've underwent something similar in your past or not!