Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring DETOX Morning Routine

Hi everyone:),

finally it's "Middle-Spring" like I would call this period of the year! And I'm using more often a facial day cream with SPF/LSF (durin' Spring normally I need just 15 and durin' Summer I'm using 50-60!) and so I've got the idea of making a post about my current beauty fav' and my daily facial skin care and cleansing routine!

1. Facial Wash - with Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap:

I'm washing my face twice a day (day/night) and it depends on - whether I'm using much makeup products (I have to wash it 3 times a day!). It takes approx. 5-7 min.!

2. Moisturize, moisturize and again moisturize - as I've sensitive and sometimes dry skin (with an oily T-Zone!) I've to pamper my face rich and well. To avoid dry skin (which causes wrinkles and other bad reactions!) - Currently I'm using the Trader Joes enrich moisturizing face lotion - which is perfectly creamy and fast absorbing and contains SPF/LSF 15!:):

And blend the whole creamy lotion portion on your whole face and neck:

To keep my teeth pretty and healthy strong I'm using 2-3 times per day my beloved Dr. Best Polimed tooth brush in Pink shade (what else:)) and normally a cheap usual tooth paste (as I've recognized that the cheapest are really often the best one in several consumer magazines etc.!)

But since I've returned from NYC I'm quite lovin' the Tom's of Maine Cinnamon & Clove Whole Care toothpaste (hhhhhmmmmm cinnamon - I'm addicted to Big Red Chewing Gums since my childhood and this is the same in toothpaste form:)):

What are you using during your morning facial skin care routine?

Have a wonderful start into a brandnew and great day!


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