Sunday, 13 April 2014


Hi guys,

Sunday is finally here and I've searched for some nice pre-summer clothes, shoes and accessoires and found this lovely handmade and natural designed Silvia Gattin Abdillah boots and Kilim bags:

(Photo Credits: Silvia Gattin)

The Collection "Atelier Maroc" - which are the Abdillah boots and Kilim Bags:) is a bright, colorful and kinda like western and mexican style designer shoe brand range. I really fall in love with the different shades and patterns!:)

"The concept behind is to regularly change the inspiring country and offer traditional designs reinterpreted into our western life style."
(via Silvia Gattin)

"In times of computerised mass production and Made in China Silvia believes it is important to highlight the imprint of the human hand and materials that are converted wih strong confidence of every hand movement into breath-taking products."
(via Silvia Gattin)

Her handcrafted Abdillah boots are the perfect example of long traditional and cultural high-quality - made of goat and calf leather and kilim rugs in thousand of different shades & patterns. Each pair of boots is create in the traditional and unique authentic way.

(Photo Credit: Silvia Gattin)

For all bohemian fashion lovers, Abdillah Boots are the perfect pair of shoes for the winter- and summertime. It's a special stylish shoewear - which shouldn't be missed in your wardrobe as well!:)

Silvia's whole boots, bag & jewelry collection is unique, special and what's important high-quality, revolutionary - because she tries to embedding and connecting different countries and cultures - to create wonderful fashion pieces like the Abdillah Boots, Kilim bags or like the beautiful Masai Jewels & Accessoires - which can be used as a lucky charm as well!:)

I've already seen soooo many pieces - which I would like to have as well - yes it's high-prized BUT you have such pieces not just for 1 month - they aren't the kind of fashion pieces - which are highly in trend and after a month or two you can't really wear it as they are out or something like that. NO! They are timeless and individual and I would like to wear such Abdillah boots to a lovely white cotton dress or to a jeans west - to create a kind of american cal' style!:)

Hope you've found this post a bit interesting and see you soon!


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