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I've also been recently in Prague (my 2nd home:)) and I've enjoyed to be there for a weekend!:) 

I love to escape always my well-known routes through Prague and enjoy each minute there to explore new events or even some activities there - like the overwhelming view from the Prague Castle!

Charles Bridge, Artdeco Building

Embassy of the United States in Prague:

First of all I've arrived with the Westbus at the bus station Florenc and after that I've "jumped" (I always say this word - if I mean that I've been really quick:)) to my fav' Starbucks store at the Wenceslas Square - where I've ordered a middle sized iced coffee with skimmed milk (for all who are interested to know that:)):

And I've checked my mails and other stuff durin' my stay at the coffee shop - that's the reason why my Ipady is visible on this pic' above!:)

Here you can see the look inside of a Westbus and how it looks like before you arrive in Prague (approx. 4 hours):

P.S.: I truly love my latest It's The Girl weekend nylon tote bag (a great alternative to Longchamp totes!:)).

Orion Praha (Store for table lamps, wall lamps and other lights:), Family Homes, freeway, Zirafa Fun Park

I know Prague like my pockets:) - but it never gets boring or even "over-seen" - there are too many things to see each time I'm there!

My fav' Prague scenes:

Window Art near Vltava river, a nice sunshine:), see a gorgeous swan, charles bridge museum , "see through different shades and shapes" - bridge railing, Novy Smichov Mall

Me going to the Starbucks (again:)) - which is located at the Prague Castle place:

My 2nd ice coffee - I'm REALLY not a coffee drinker - BUT iced one is del' alternative to black iced tea!:

The beautiful view from the Starbucks "bar" at the top:

Another great things you'll see from the Prague Castle:

Charles Bridge Museum,Petrin Lookout Tower, Stairs from Prague Castle

Me at Prague Castle Place:):

Sorry for my tired face:) - I've been really tired NOT from the atmosphere but it was the same day I've arrived and two days after NYC:)!
Prague Castle & Location:

Did you've been ever in Prague? What are your fav' places there? Or did you plan a trip - don't be shy to ask me what are the best shopping malls, restaurants or even places to be there!:)

For more information about the "Golden City" Prague - feel free and visit their official page (Portal of Prague)!

Wish you all a great afternoon!


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