Monday, 21 April 2014

My 21st B-DAY!

Hi guys,

I'm absolutely sorry about, that I've been not really often the last week on my blog and that I've not done sooo much posts recently - BUT I've been really busy, bought one of my B-Day presents my new white Ipad Mini with Retina display (16GB) and made these wonderful pic's of my gorgeous L.Heiner's "Sacher" chocolate B-Day cake and of my presents (mom's present and bro's present will be shown soon here - as I've not got it yet:)).

My B-Day Cake (with the cute children candles - as there weren't special 21 candles:)):

The package/wooden box of the L.Heiner "Sachertorte" chocolate cake is soooo pretty and you feel even more special with such an unique cake:)!

I've as well drank a glass of the wonderful Bohemia Sekt Rose Demi Sec - which suits perfectly to desserts and ice cream and has a berry undertone as well as fresh grape scent!:

As well I've got the wonderful citrus-/fresh-/lux' scent "Donna" by Trussardi (bought 50ml here) & "Made of Starlight" 50ml by Taylor Swift:

 "Donna" by Trussardi:

"Donna" has an ultra lux' packaging which I fall in love and the scent is amazing - like you would wear a luxurious translucent skin on your own and feel more special with the scent - it's truly something for Spring and Summertime and climbs up your mood - THUMBS UP!:)

"Made Of Starlight" is a fresh and girly scent for all natural & self-confident young ladies of us:)! It reminds me on my Spain Summer Nights and of course of my many USA journeys!:) I love it and try to keep it for a longer time - as my perfumes usually runs out REALLY fast!:)

The official "Made of Starlight" by Taylor Swift commercial:

I've as well got from Varvara & Daria (as written in my last post about the Carina e Vincenzo Spring Event:)) a cute Face Stockholm (US Makeup Brand) nail polish in my choosen shade: 101 - a lovely pastel cotton pink color - perfect for turquoise and white jeans style like in California!:)

Painted on my nails:
Painted my toes:

My new Ipad Mini catch my heart and I'm truly lovin' it! - It's prettier than my IPAD2 as it's in the white color - which will suit perfectly with my Canon PowerShotN in white and as well with my IPhone 5s in white/gold (which I'll buy the next days guys - TRULY!:)). Oh and it's more "storage-able" in my handbag or durin' travelling!

My Mini white "Ipady" with Retina Display:

For all - who don't seen one of my latest Youtube Videos on TheBeachCrush or don't check my Twitter-Account and don't know that I'm finally an Instagramer - guys you're invited to check it out:

My new Instagram account:

So if you would like to follow me or would like to follow each other - let me know!:)

I also hope, that you've got a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter to all of you, eat a lot of choc' and let yourself NOT really go! - Keep movin' forward and escape your own life!:)


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  1. oh such nice presents! looks like you had a great birthday! Good! So the cake wasn´t damaged after your little journey ;)