Saturday, 12 April 2014

Motherday - GIFTS & Etc.

Hi guys,

as you know - Mothersday (or maybe not for UK's as there the M's D was already:)) is just around the corner (on 11th May 2014) and it's always hard to find the perfect gift (because of the budget - if you're a student or just started to work etc. or because you REALLY don't know what to buy for your Mommy!:)).

Well this year I've some great Mothersday Gift Ideas and Inspirations for you (and me:)).

Carina e Vincenzo concept store - has an huge range of different vintage/shabby chic furniture and other things like accessoires (jewelry, etc.) and of course as well women/men fashion - in an unique and high-quality style!:

(Photo Credits: Carina e Vincenzo)

Depot (accessoires, decoration shop) has lovely and many budget prized products - which could make your mom's space even more comfy and "lovelier"!:):

(Photo Credits: DEPOT)

From left to right:

"Live...Laugh...Love..." Print - € 5.99, Key Ring "Super Mom" - € 9.99, "Love is all you NEED" pillow - € 12.99 , "Memories" memo board/pin wall - € 9.99, cherry blossom pillow - € 12.99 , mango wooden bookends - € 24.99

Tchibo's limited edition collection of beautiful and low-prized fashion and accessoires are great in quality and looks sometimes really pretty - like these one:

(Photo Credits: Tchibo/Eduscho)

leather mocassins - approx. € 35.00, golden watch - approx. € 29.95, scarf - approx. € 8.95, dress - approx. € 20.00, shopper + XL wallet - approx. € 40.00

Madeleine also makes and offers such overwhelming clothes and accessoires - which are a bit higher in price - BUT awesome quality and an unique way how to say: "I love you mommy":)!:

(Photo Credits: Madeleine)

Silk Tunika (€ 169.90), Pants (€ 149.90), Etui-Dress (€ 199.90), Skirt (€ 179.90), bracelet/bangle (€ 49.90), Ballerina Shoes (€179.90)

Pandora's jewelry and charms are beloved by young and older ladies - and why not to buy one for your mum as well?!:):

 (Photo Credits: Pandora)

open vintage heart charm - € 79.00, Pave-Heart charm red - € 64.00,  Sweet mother charm - € 59.00 , "A Lot of Love" charm - € 59.00 , Vintage 14-k Gold heart Charm - € 349.00, Heart bracelet - € 59.00

Did you've bought something for your mum until yet? - Well I must admit - that I've not yet - BUT these are gorgeous inspirations and ideas what to buy and I hope you'll have a great weekend as well!:)

Let me know - which one you would buy from this list of different mothersday gift ideas!


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