Sunday, 6 April 2014


Hi guys:),

I've introduced and shown you my latest fav' designer brand called Maqaroon :

(Photo Credit: Maqaroon, Joanna Zhou)

Which is created by the wonderful young female designer Joanna Zhou:

She isn't just a great designer (newcomer on the jewelry design market) BUT she has been for many years  an (award-winning) illustrator, author after graduating from Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art and Design!

Her sweet bow-tie bracelet in rose gold - truly a nice valentines gift too!:):

 (Photo Credit: Maqaroon, Joanna Zhou)

Her sweet macaroon "cookie or even cake":) designs  are playful and feminine and she always tries to combinate the unique style of Tokyo kawaii culture with traditional European elegance - since Maqaroon starts in 2011!

Macaroon's in each shades from blue to pink and from green to yellow - playful and lovely to see:

(Photo Credit: Maqaroon, Joanna Zhou)

I love my pink Champagne Macaron Bracelet (18K "gold" cream filling, dusted with gold powder and sealed with satin gloss varnish):

She also uses JUST high-quality and tarnish-resistant and durable materials to create such wonderful jewelry/accessoires like:

Macaroon bracelets and necklaces:

(Photo Credits: Maqaroon, Joanna Zhou)

Price: € 20.00/each macaron delicate bracelet
(Tiny Mint Green, Tiny Lilac Rose, Tiny Orange Cream, Tiny Champagne, Tiny Rose Champagne)

Price: € 18.00/each macaron delicate bracelet
(Tiny Pistachio, Tiny Rose, Tiny Vanilla, Tiny Raspberry)

Price: € 30.00/each macaron necklace
(Paris Sunshine, Pink Champagne, Mermaid Party)

All macaroon pieces (like my own one:)) are made out of 18K gold-plated stainless steel and have the precious look of fine jewellery without the hefty price tag! (via her story)

I've not soooo much food jewelry until yet BUT definitely I'll check out her website soon again  - and we'll see maybe I'll buy another one as her bracelet really let my heart beat more!:)

How cute are these macaroon earrings with bow-tie's?!:

 (Photo Credits: Maqaroon, Joanna Zhou)

Price: € 20.00/each
(Gold Pistachio, Gold Rose, Gold Vanilla, Gold Raspberry)

Price: € 22.00/each
(Gold Champagne)

Or what about the ribbon bracelets in gold and rose gold with a tiny Swarovski sparklin' crystal?:

(Photo Credits: Maqaroon, Joanna Zhou)

Price: € 18.00/each
(Gold, Rose Gold)

If you're interested on her macaroon or bow-tie or moustache jewelry collection - check out her maqaroon shop or visit her stand at the time of 11th-13th May 2014 in Pulse London - a great option for all who weren't durin the last few days in Linz or Vienna or who's living in the UK - as it's quiet easier to visit it there as to travel to another country.

Well I would do it again and again - as I'm a Cosmopolitan BUT not each person think so:)!

I wish you a gorgeous sunday afternoon and hope to see you her on my bloggin' world again!


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