Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Makeup, Hair of this & week before

Hi guys,

a really short post about - how I've worn my hair the week before and as well as this week. Not really an important topic - but for me it's sometimes really interesting to read on other blogs too!:) I quite often wear my hair open - but for a ponytail I wouldn't say no - a looooove scrunchies!

1. My Pony Tail Style (Scrunchies, scrunchies - and scrunchies:)):

2. Curly Hair - Girly flair:):

I pretty much like the Schwarzkopf Oasis Session Label Flexible Hold Instant Dry Hairspay (the latest in my fast growing hairspray collection:)):

My fav' song for "doin my hair styling routine":

Sara Bareilles's "Uncharted" (looooove this song - will make sooon a cover as I'm listenin' it soooo often as well durin' my stay in NYC!:)):

What are your fav' hair styles - did you wear your hair more open or tied in a ponytail/bun/knot?!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!:)



  1. Your blog is so cute, I really like your banner. I really like the high ponytail with the scrunchie. Sometimes I like to do halo braids in my hair they look really pretty! Please check out my blog beccabella.blogspot.com :)


  2. woopsy it's beccabellablog.blogspot.com


    1. Hi Becky!:)

      Oh you really have a similar (BUT different -as everyone of us is individual and have an own taste - & that's IMPORTANT!:)) taste & love for flower jewelry and scrunchies how I've seen at your blogging' space!:)

      Your post about "Dealing with not so nice people" has touched me in a kind - as I'm thinking as well - that we should stay true to oneself and not to think you're not worth - just because Person X (who maybe isn't your friend, your family member etc. and you won't see it again) said about you you are not worth or something like that!

      Such topics are important to show other young girls/ladies:) - how to cope with bullying or other difficult times. Can say just that I respect each human and I'm soooo happy that you're helping with such a post other girls! Respect!:)

      Wish you as well a gorgeous week! And thank's a lot for your comments - I'm glad and happy about each!:)

      NIKA Bittner

  3. Replies
    1. Oh - such wonderful & positive comments like yours:) gives me always next ideas for hair tutorials, makeup etc.

      Wish you a wonderful rest of this week!:)

      Oh and I've checked out your blog and it's really something else - you have a great street style/girly fashion taste and I love how individual (without showing your face) you present them!:)

      Well done!

      NIKA Bittner