Saturday, 12 April 2014

Luca turns 2

Hi guys,

if you're following me on Twitter as well - you've maybe knew already, that I'm driving to my sis' to celebrate Luca's/my nephew's birthday - as he turns finally 2 today!:)

It began with a sunny, middle-warm afternoon where we've been sitting in the garden and drank coffee (I've drank tea:)) and after that the b-day cake creation from my sister Susan was served.

A colorful creamy cake (topping: chocolate sparkles, fresh strawberries/raspberries, top: curd cheese kinda cream, bottom: Ferrero's Milchschnitte & fresh Banana slices and other fruit slices).

He got lovely presents from his grandpa, grandma and my mom as well (2nd grandma:)) and of course from me he got a t-shirt from NYC  with a lucky clover and a moustache:).  The other presents were: pants, bike, a bosch workshop toy station, a Duplo car as well as another bike (which he will just use at the other Grandma).

From my mom he got the pants and he will receive the next days as well a lot of child books and a tablet kinda thing - where he can write on (it's the magnetic tablet/board kinda - you maybe know I've got it in my childhood as well with stamps includes!) and from my brother he will get as well books and some toy cubes - which turns into a puzzle - as my brother brings all the present my mom bought and he in Prague next week.

Well and next week I'll have my own b-day as well so stay tuned on my blog - to see my b-day day as well!:)

Luca was really in a good mood, energy as always and I just though how fast the time runs as he was a newborn boy - I remember it really well, when I've visited with my mom together my sis' in the hospital just few days after his birth and finally he turn into a toddler!

And in just 4 years he will go to school guys!

Yes you see how fast it really comes - if you're a small kid' you always wanna become an adult or be bigger but not really realize how fast the time run and how fast you grow into an adult and become and adult(laugh).

So that's what I've been doing today - drinking tea, enjoying the time at my sis' house and celebrating the b-day of my gorgeous nephew Luca (he is just sooooo lovely with his cute face:)).

Hope you've got a lovely Saturday with your friends, family or even alone too!:)


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