Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Garden of Hidden Treasures" OOTD*

Hi guys:),

another day is here and finally the sun is shinin' even more and brighter than before:)! That's causing me to make more OOTD's and getting more inspiration for the further days, how to style etc..

Well now I would like to show you my OOTD from last Friday (SORRY! I've been to busy with some other unlovely things etc.)!

It's like if you're walking through your garden, try to catch each bird and walk through secret doors to find at the end your garden with all the hidden treasures;)!

What I've worn:

Leather Jacket - Marc Cain - 599.00€*
Petrol Green Shirt - Tchibo
Jeans - Marc Cain Sports - 219.00 €*
Pumps (Vintage) - Tamaris
Necklace (NYC bought:)) - Forever21

Would you like to wear such a combination of bright dark green and white, black pattern as well?! How you've find my whole OOTD? - Let me know that in your comments!:)



  1. Replies
    1. Oh wait until you'll see the other one;) it's the same one just in pastell blue/beige/cream shades!;) It's my fav';) And oh thank's for your comment!;)

      Have a wonderful weekend;)!

      NIKA Bittner