Friday, 25 April 2014

Fav' Spanish Love Songs


that's my last post of the whole "Fav' ....Love Songs" collection, where I'll show you my fav' absolutely fav' Spanish Love Songs:

1. Auryn - Me Gusta (Year: 2013):

2.Pablo Alboran - Donde Está El Amor ft. Jesse & Joy (Year: 2013):

3. JENCARLOS CANELA - Amor Quédate (Year: 2009):

4.  Juan Magan - Mal De Amores (Year: 2013):

5.  Joey Montana - Único (Year: 2012):

6. Reik - Te Fuiste de Aquí (Year: 2012):

7. Chino & Nacho - Mi Chica Ideal (Year: 2013):

As I've been in Spain (Balears: Menorca & Mallorca) mostly durin' my Summer vacations/time I've fall in love with many different local and Spanish sounds and songs and these reminds me always on great warm Summer evenings on beach;)!

Hope you've found my kind of post collection a bit interesting and let me know, which are your alltime fav' Love Songs - no matter, which language or which style!

Wish you a great Friday and weekend. Calm down yourself and start something new and take a breathe and move one!;)


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