Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fav' Czech Love Songs

Hi everyone:),

this isn't a post about beauty, fashion or even some new products;) It's about MUSIC one of my fav' things on earth and as well a big passion and part of myself and as it's Spring it turns into Love and it stands for Love as well - you know?!

So I though to start a kind of "Fav' ....Love Songs" post serie for all of you who are in a partnership, in Love or even if you're a Single (like me:)) - it's definitely turning into something special guys - keep movin' and we'll see - it's SPRING it/this season of the year ALWAYS means a LOT to me and this year especially - you know;)!

So anyway, back to my topic "Fav' Czech Love Songs" - these is a fine selection of my alltime fav' Czech Love Songs.

Don't worry English friends - I'm continue with my "Fav' British Love Songs" and as well "Fav' American Love Songs" as well as "Fav' Spanish Love Songs"!

As English is my fav' Language - you know I'm trying to write the whole blog in English:) as well I've a kind addiction to Spanish Language - Summer vac' memories!:))

1. Mandrage - Šrouby a matice (Year: 2011, "Nuts & Bolts" - Translation HERE):

2. Hana Zagorová - Já se vznáším(Year: 1973, "I'm floating"):

3. Lucie Vondráčková - Láska umí víc (Year: 2009 , "Love Can More"):

4. David Deyl - Počítám (Year: 2012, "Counting"): 

5. Michal David - Decibely lásky (Year: 1987, "Sound of Love"):

6. Michal David - Discopříběh (Year: 1987 , "Disco Story"):

7. Lucie Vondráčková-Tajná láska (Years: 1994, "Secret Love"):

So that's it!:) These 7 are my fav' Czech Love Songs and I'm interested whether you've the same or any other one (if you're a Czech or speak Czech or just like the Czech language!:)).


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