Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Palm Springs Girl OOTD*

Hi everyone!:)

I've been enjoying the last hours with good cup of tea(s):), be on the Spring Sun, "Instagraming", eatin' a delicious veggie wrap with chickpeas (which I'm addicted too:)) and listening to my fav' music, radio (Impuls Radio) as well as to make OOTD's like this one:

"Each of us needs to feel in their own skin comfortable, have a clear mind and a healthy self-confidence - This three very important things can change your whole life!"

I've watched the last Monday as well one of my fav' movies (maybe the only one:)) with Sylvester Stallone called "Over The Top" (Year: 1987) - which as well shows in a wise kind - that EVERYTHING is possible - JUST do what you feel in your own heart!

Well and one of the songs from the Over The Top Soundtrack Album "Meet Me Half Way" by Kenny Loggins has inspired me to do this OOTD - it's maybe strange, BUT some songs shows my own feelings pretty well and this one has one of the best melody of all time!:

I've as well enjoyed to wear my beloved pink skirt from ZARA - which I've bought myself last Summer in Spain (Majorca - where else:)).

What I've worn:

Lovely shaped T-Shirt/Shirt - Marc Cain Sports 99.90€*
Pink Pencil Mini Skirt (Vintage) - Zara
Black Wedge Pumps (Vintage) - Deichmann 
Elephant Bracelet (NYC Haul) - Forever21
Pineapple Earrings - Aeropostale - Bethany Mota Collection

The fabric is soooo soft (skin friendly:)) and comfortable to wear - the pretty shape of this Marc Cain Sports Shirt complete the whole outfit - which I've called "Palm Springs Girl" as it's bright, modern as well as classic in shape and pattern!

I hope you've enjoyed and like a bit my OOTD - which perfectly shows my Spring fav' outfit!:) I adore the Marc Cain Sport Skirt - it's totally "American Lady" like!;)

Wish you a great Thursday!


"Garden of Hidden Treasures" OOTD*

Hi guys:),

another day is here and finally the sun is shinin' even more and brighter than before:)! That's causing me to make more OOTD's and getting more inspiration for the further days, how to style etc..

Well now I would like to show you my OOTD from last Friday (SORRY! I've been to busy with some other unlovely things etc.)!

It's like if you're walking through your garden, try to catch each bird and walk through secret doors to find at the end your garden with all the hidden treasures;)!

What I've worn:

Leather Jacket - Marc Cain - 599.00€*
Petrol Green Shirt - Tchibo
Jeans - Marc Cain Sports - 219.00 €*
Pumps (Vintage) - Tamaris
Necklace (NYC bought:)) - Forever21

Would you like to wear such a combination of bright dark green and white, black pattern as well?! How you've find my whole OOTD? - Let me know that in your comments!:)


Sunday, 27 April 2014


Hi guys,

the weekend is almost over (Sunday's just left:)) and I've been searching for some further SS '14 outfit inspirations as well as I've watched a LOT of Cara Delevingne's videos on Youtube!

"Tell Me" by Cara:

This post should show you just some of my fav' Cara Delevingne Outfits/Shows and Runway's and other crazy and funky stuff - she used to do and love!:)

What's in her handbag vid':

Cara Delevingne Best Moments:

Cara Delevingne on Well Dunn:

Cara Delevingne Tribute:

So NOT really something for everyone of you BUT for me it's totally a great inspiration - for new fashion items, lifestyle as well myself!:)

Wish you a great and sunny sunshine Sunday!;)


Saturday, 26 April 2014


Hi guys,

recently the sun is shining and the days are warmer BUT in the morning sometimes the weather plays tricky things and that's confusing - as you're already in a true Spring mood and love is (maybe) in the air ;)!

So I've create a completely simple BUT ultra blooming & colder Spring morning OOTD with the latest Marc Cain fashion pieces - called "Spring Love" as it's perfectly for going out for breakfast with your darling:) or maybe for a meeting in the early hours during spring!

My "Spring Love OOTD":

The Marc Cain Jeans are soooooo comfy as well as they have a great denim blue shade!:) I as well pretty much like the soft oh sooooo soft white knitted jumper - BUT guys, this one is sooooo heavy (to wear)!

What I've worn:

Knitted Pullover/Jumper with Glock Arms in White - Marc Cain - 299.00€*
Jeans - Marc Cain - 219.00€*
Pumps (Vintage) - Tamaris
Earrings - Jewelry Store in NYC - for just 1$!;)
Ring - Strawberry

How you find my OOTD?! - Would you wear such a combination as well and which jewelry would you choose for that "Spring Love" OOTD?;)

For more information about the Marc Cain clothes - feel free to visit their official Marc Cain Website!

Have a great Saturday evening!


Friday, 25 April 2014

Fav' Spanish Love Songs


that's my last post of the whole "Fav' ....Love Songs" collection, where I'll show you my fav' absolutely fav' Spanish Love Songs:

1. Auryn - Me Gusta (Year: 2013):

2.Pablo Alboran - Donde Está El Amor ft. Jesse & Joy (Year: 2013):

3. JENCARLOS CANELA - Amor Quédate (Year: 2009):

4.  Juan Magan - Mal De Amores (Year: 2013):

5.  Joey Montana - Único (Year: 2012):

6. Reik - Te Fuiste de Aquí (Year: 2012):

7. Chino & Nacho - Mi Chica Ideal (Year: 2013):

As I've been in Spain (Balears: Menorca & Mallorca) mostly durin' my Summer vacations/time I've fall in love with many different local and Spanish sounds and songs and these reminds me always on great warm Summer evenings on beach;)!

Hope you've found my kind of post collection a bit interesting and let me know, which are your alltime fav' Love Songs - no matter, which language or which style!

Wish you a great Friday and weekend. Calm down yourself and start something new and take a breathe and move one!;)


Fav' American Love Songs

Hi everyone:),

my 3rd of my "Fav' ....Love Songs" post collection will be about my fav' american Love Songs - which I especially like to listen! Well they are a mixture of different music styles BUT who cares?! I mean they are awesome for me & makes each time special;)

1. Carrie Underwood - See You Again (Year: 2012):

2. Katy Perry - Thinking of You (Year: 2008):

3. Sara Bareilles - I'm Gonna Get Over You (Year: 2011):

4. Shania Twain - When You Kiss Me (Year: 2002):

5. Lady Antebellum - Compass (Year: 2013):

6. The Band Perry - Hip To My Heart (Year: 2010):

7. She&Him - I Could've Been Your Girl (Year: 2013):

Did you've listened to one of these songs as well - while you were with your love or friends hanging out or just durin' your free time to enjoy some lovely minutes just listening the songs and doin' nothing?!:)


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fav' British Love Songs

Hi everyone:),

I'm back with my "Fav' British Love Songs" - as I'm total addicted to the british-/american lifestyle and the English language it wasn't really difficult for me to choose my fav' british love songs out!:)

1. Tom Odell - Grow Old With Me (Year: 2013):

2. MIKA - Love Today (Year: 2009):

3. Hugh Grant - Don't Write Me Off (Year: 2007):

4. Bonnie Tyler - A Total Eclipse of the Heart (Year: 1982):

5. Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours (Year: 2013):

6. The Beatles - Please Mr. Postman (Year: 1961):

7. Gary Barlow - Forever Love (Year: 1996):

Did you like to listen to some of these songs as well if you're in a "In Love", "Loving" or "I wanna be loved" mood?!:)


Fav' Czech Love Songs

Hi everyone:),

this isn't a post about beauty, fashion or even some new products;) It's about MUSIC one of my fav' things on earth and as well a big passion and part of myself and as it's Spring it turns into Love and it stands for Love as well - you know?!

So I though to start a kind of "Fav' ....Love Songs" post serie for all of you who are in a partnership, in Love or even if you're a Single (like me:)) - it's definitely turning into something special guys - keep movin' and we'll see - it's SPRING it/this season of the year ALWAYS means a LOT to me and this year especially - you know;)!

So anyway, back to my topic "Fav' Czech Love Songs" - these is a fine selection of my alltime fav' Czech Love Songs.

Don't worry English friends - I'm continue with my "Fav' British Love Songs" and as well "Fav' American Love Songs" as well as "Fav' Spanish Love Songs"!

As English is my fav' Language - you know I'm trying to write the whole blog in English:) as well I've a kind addiction to Spanish Language - Summer vac' memories!:))

1. Mandrage - Šrouby a matice (Year: 2011, "Nuts & Bolts" - Translation HERE):

2. Hana Zagorová - Já se vznáším(Year: 1973, "I'm floating"):

3. Lucie Vondráčková - Láska umí víc (Year: 2009 , "Love Can More"):

4. David Deyl - Počítám (Year: 2012, "Counting"): 

5. Michal David - Decibely lásky (Year: 1987, "Sound of Love"):

6. Michal David - Discopříběh (Year: 1987 , "Disco Story"):

7. Lucie Vondráčková-Tajná láska (Years: 1994, "Secret Love"):

So that's it!:) These 7 are my fav' Czech Love Songs and I'm interested whether you've the same or any other one (if you're a Czech or speak Czech or just like the Czech language!:)).


Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Hi everyone:),

the weather and temperature is climbing higher and higher and I CAN'T wait until the Summer season 2014 will starts - that was the reason to search for some unique and lovely Summer '14 pieces like this one by Geox (Shoe-/Fashion high-end brand for all who don't really know it until yet:)).

(Photo Credits: Geox)

From left to right:

BluGeox denim shorts (Price: 89.90€) ,PVC mini bag "Miss" (Price: 44.90€), Pumps Donyale (Shade: Taupe, Price: 120.00€), Sandales "Nolina" (Price: 125.00€), Sandales Maranta (Price: 130.00€), PVC mini bag "Miss" (Price: 44.90€)
(Photo Credit: Geox)


The Geox denim shorts perfectly matches each of the latest Geox heels, sandals and wedges! They are from the latest BluGeox collection and are made from high-end and inovative denim jeans - which has a double dryness function!:)

(Photo Credits: Geox)

Price/each bag:

The cute PVC mini bags "Miss" in pastel blue and pink are a real must-have accessoire this spring as well as summer '14!

(Photo Credit: Geox)

Geox Pumps Donyale - Price:
(Photo Credit: Geox)  

Geox Sandals  Nolina - Price:
(Photo Credit: Geox)

Geox Maranta Sandals - Price:

Wedges, Sandals & Peeptoes in Nude- & Black shades are a real eye-catcher at your work as well as durin' your college/school time! They are classic and timeless to wear and enjoy:)

What are your fav' Geox shoes or clothes?!

For more information feel free to visit: Geox official website!

Hope you've got a nice day and see you soon!


Monday, 21 April 2014

My B-Day Look

Hi everyone,

as I've got the last week my 21st Birthday and created a natural but a bit different makeup/look - I though to show you which products I've used to create it and how it looks like!:)

The used products :

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (Translucent 070-24), Maybelline The Rocket Mascara (black waterproof), elf cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder (St. Lucia), Catrice Eyeliner pen (waterproof black), Catrice Eye Brow Stylist (020 Date With Ash-ton), Catrice BB Allround Foundation (010 light beige), flormar waterproof lip pen (no.216), Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter (Cupcake), bh cosmetics blush brush

The result:

What are you thinking about this "B-Day Look" makeup inspiration - did you like it?!:)

Have a gorgeous Easter Monday!

My 21st B-DAY!

Hi guys,

I'm absolutely sorry about, that I've been not really often the last week on my blog and that I've not done sooo much posts recently - BUT I've been really busy, bought one of my B-Day presents my new white Ipad Mini with Retina display (16GB) and made these wonderful pic's of my gorgeous L.Heiner's "Sacher" chocolate B-Day cake and of my presents (mom's present and bro's present will be shown soon here - as I've not got it yet:)).

My B-Day Cake (with the cute children candles - as there weren't special 21 candles:)):

The package/wooden box of the L.Heiner "Sachertorte" chocolate cake is soooo pretty and you feel even more special with such an unique cake:)!

I've as well drank a glass of the wonderful Bohemia Sekt Rose Demi Sec - which suits perfectly to desserts and ice cream and has a berry undertone as well as fresh grape scent!:

As well I've got the wonderful citrus-/fresh-/lux' scent "Donna" by Trussardi (bought 50ml here) & "Made of Starlight" 50ml by Taylor Swift:

 "Donna" by Trussardi:

"Donna" has an ultra lux' packaging which I fall in love and the scent is amazing - like you would wear a luxurious translucent skin on your own and feel more special with the scent - it's truly something for Spring and Summertime and climbs up your mood - THUMBS UP!:)

"Made Of Starlight" is a fresh and girly scent for all natural & self-confident young ladies of us:)! It reminds me on my Spain Summer Nights and of course of my many USA journeys!:) I love it and try to keep it for a longer time - as my perfumes usually runs out REALLY fast!:)

The official "Made of Starlight" by Taylor Swift commercial:

I've as well got from Varvara & Daria (as written in my last post about the Carina e Vincenzo Spring Event:)) a cute Face Stockholm (US Makeup Brand) nail polish in my choosen shade: 101 - a lovely pastel cotton pink color - perfect for turquoise and white jeans style like in California!:)

Painted on my nails:
Painted my toes:

My new Ipad Mini catch my heart and I'm truly lovin' it! - It's prettier than my IPAD2 as it's in the white color - which will suit perfectly with my Canon PowerShotN in white and as well with my IPhone 5s in white/gold (which I'll buy the next days guys - TRULY!:)). Oh and it's more "storage-able" in my handbag or durin' travelling!

My Mini white "Ipady" with Retina Display:

For all - who don't seen one of my latest Youtube Videos on TheBeachCrush or don't check my Twitter-Account and don't know that I'm finally an Instagramer - guys you're invited to check it out:

My new Instagram account:

So if you would like to follow me or would like to follow each other - let me know!:)

I also hope, that you've got a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter to all of you, eat a lot of choc' and let yourself NOT really go! - Keep movin' forward and escape your own life!:)