Sunday, 2 March 2014

ZARA NUIT (Eau de Parfum Natural Spray)

Hi guys,

the 3rd of my ZARA collected scents (6902 Hollywood Blvd. LA, Zara Kids Sweet Perfume Eau De Cologne) is called "Zara Nuit" - which is a pretty "middle-strong" scent for young girls - if that makes sense?!:) . I would recommend it from the age 19/early 20ies to the beginnin' of the 30ies. 

After I've opened the "cap" of the Zara Nuit Eau de Parfum Natural Spray scent I've recognized that it smells after bourbon vanilla with a spicy undertone like a vanilla rum ice cream or sweet frosting (Top Note).

30-40 seconds later it began to change and gets a flower undertone like amber,and fresh aqua scent (Middle Note). And after 15min. later the Zara Nuit has turned into an unique feminine scent with fresh, spicy, flower and a dash of sweetness (Base Note). 

Zara creates always such pretty & lovely smelling scents for an OMG great price! - This one costs approx. 14.95€ at my local Zara store and I would totally recommend it - if you like pretty interesting and of course a bit sweety scents!

Have you ever tried one of Zara's perfumes/scents?


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