Monday, 31 March 2014


Hi guys,

I've been and still I'm a HUGE fan of Eloise at the Plaza - call me a kid';) BUT I'll love this cute story in 100 years too!

Inside of the Entrance Hall at the Plaza - sooooo excited!!!!;):

Why I've called this post "Pink Vs. Eloise" - that's because it's the main color of the whole Eloise "Imperium" and it was and will be always a part of myself/my identity - I love the different rose/pink shades (I've a extra light baby/pastel pink shade on my bedroom walls and I'm wearing pink shade clothes like: Bikinis or that sweet Beanie from Areopostale;)). And that's why I've called the header Pink Vs. Eloise!

Official Eloise Store Sign & Entrance: 

The gorgeous place for small girls - to attend a beautiful tea time there!:):

As I've been again soooo amazed when I've entered the Plaza and found the beautiful and truly magical portrait of her and visited the official Eloise store in the "underground" of the Plaza (where other stores and boutiques are located as well!:)) and I've bought a cute key-ring for my keys  - if that makes even more sense?!

The Plaza isn't just a luxurious and magical place on earth/NYC it's also a place - where you can get even more inspirations and impressions like that:

The Plaza Entrance:

Statue of William Tecumseh Sherman:

I've truly loved to see it again and my Eloise collection grow a bit:)!

My lovely Eloise At The Plaza Cup (bought 2011 and my new key-ring):

Hope you're all well and did you've ever seen the movies or even have been at the Plaza (not just stayed there - as that could be really high in price:) but maybe just visit it for example had a tea and some biscuits there?!)

See you soon!

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