Monday, 31 March 2014

NYC Jewelry Haul

Hi guys,

well I'm know finally finished re-packing my travel luggage/trolley and I've made pic's of my latest and very chic:) jewelry - which are from NYC to be honest & I truly love each piece!:)

1. My latest super sweet and lovely elephante bracelet from Forever 21 (approx. $ 5.90):

2. How you find the cute and fruity pineapple earrings from the Bethany Mota collection at Aeropostale?! ($6.00):

3. My golden white kinda-like "button" earrings and "sweet to eat" bow ring - both from Strawberry (Earrings $ 5.00, Ring $ 6.00):

And as there was a final sale at the store (1700 Broadway, NY)  I've got 50% Off each piece - instead of $ 11.00 I've paid ONLY $ 3.59!!!!!

4. My $ 1.00 glittery and truly magical earrings from a local accessoire/jewelry store - truly for a nut:) and awesome as well!:):

5. My golden necklace with the simple BUT important message "LOVE" ($ 3.80) which can be understand in different ways like I think: your life, yourself, future, inspirations, important people in your life and of course to escape new things!:) - bought it in the Forever 21 store on Times Square, NY.

But the true awesomeness is that it's made in the USA! - How cool is that to wear a local/country made product and not like other jewelry - which are usually made in China or other kinda Countries (which aren't bad - but a local product while you're traveling is much more worth I think:)):

6. At Call It Spring (Manhattan Mall) I've found that really "nature-like" and gorgeous feather ring ($ 8.00):

As you see - these jewelry pieces are all golden shades - and that's 'cause I'm currently lovin' to wear such accessoires - it's always lovely to see shining such jewelry in the spring/summer sun!:)

I hope you're all well and had a wonderful start into a brandnew week!


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