Sunday, 30 March 2014

NYC I'm back

Hi guys,

yes - I'm finally back from my awesome vac' in the big heart and sweet apple Manhattan/NYC:)!

This is officially me;) - at one of the gorgeous Parks - 'cause makin' Selfies is pretty awesome:

By the way the Madison Square Park is one of the most visited by myself - as it was short on my daily walk and I've eat there my breakfasts - like Bagles, Iced Coffee/Tea and other things like greek yoghurt - which I've bought always at Duane Reade - the Chobani one is soooooo delicious:)!

As well I've made a HUGE and GIANT collection of different pic's/photos and I'm ultimatively impressed and amazed about the variety and range of different clothes/accessoires (like bangles, bracelets, earrings etc.:)) and makeup products.

Oh and don't forget to mention the beautiful old cinemas like the Sunshine Cinema (which isn't the nicest of all BUT has an unique flair) - I've visited especially this "movie place":) to see the movie "Teenage" - which is worth and a must for all young ladies and boys out there!:)

The official Trailer to Teenage Movie:

The look inside of the Sunshine Cinema:

I know - that's a bit dark BUT the lights finally turned/switched off - I'm sorry guys!:)

I've visited a lot durin' my 2-week-stay at Big Apple and was lucky to learn and escape some new places there and beautiful parks as well - I pretty much enjoyed to eat one of my breakfasts at the Union Square Park - with my hot choc' from The Coffee Shop Restaurant and a handmade cranberry nut scone from the farmers market!:)

And after that I've drank the Starbuck's Chai Latte - they wrote my name right!:):

It was a great 1st and 2nd day!:) - More of my NYC vac' pic's you'll see the next days!:)


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