Sunday, 2 March 2014

How I Pamper Myself At Our Bath

Hi guys,

as this week I've had a quiet stressful time and my mind was full with plannin' and other important "to-do" things - I've felt a bit slowly and tired at friday night and so I've finally pamper myself again durin' takin' a long bath with my fav' pamperin' products at the moment:

From left to right:

Lactacyd Girl (my intimate washing gel/soap), Lush liquid soap "Prince Charming"*, recently launched Nivea In-Shower-Body-Milk "Honey & Milk"* and a good cup of chai latte here: Emmi's Chai Latte Vanilla

How I celebrate my Pampering Time in our bath?:

First of all I prepare all items on the bath tub - which I'll use and need durin' this time.
2nd I'm applying Lush's "Prince Charming" on my whole body and let myself relaxin' in the tub and after that I'm using the Lactacyd Girl intimate soap/gel and apply the Nivea "Honey&Milk" In-Shower-Body-Milk..

Chai Latte Vanilla - Mhhhhhhmmm:):

What message written on the cup:

"Hi There, This Is Emmi Chai Latte! Dive into the inspiring world - where freshness meets the exotic. Spices melt into the softness of finest ceylon tea and milk. A Delicious Cold Experience. That Keeps you going all day long. Shake well enjoy cold."


90% milk, 5% strong ceylon tea with spices (cinnamon, clove, cardamom), sugar, vanilla-extract, E339, lemon juice concentrate, carrageen.

Where is it made?:

Emmi, CH-6002 Luzern
Made In Switzerland

The whole time while I'm relaxin' and takin' the bath I'm drinkin' my beloved Chai Latte Vanilla (sometimes made by myself with tea sachets and fresh milk and bourbon vanilla syrup But this week I've been tooo lazy and down to make it by myself so I've grab a ready-to-drink one by Emmi!:))

What Music Albums I'm listening - while relaxin'?!:

Yes - as a music addicted person (as I'm singing since my childhood and attend music school:)) I'm always listening to some good music (while taking a walk, waiting for the bus to work or durin' a free time/day or pampering myself - just everytime and everywhere!!!!).

I prefer to listen a whole album - which takes approx. 46min - 56 min. depends which album and how long I'll take a bath - yes I'm takin' a 1-hour-bath during a pampering bath time!!!!:)

And my recent fav's are:

Colbie Caillat - All Of You (2011)
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (2012)
Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer Different Park (2013)
Katy Perry - Prism (2013)
Lucie Vondrackova - OheĊˆ (2013)

How you are spending your time durin' your bath care routine/pampering day?

Wish you a wonderful start in one of the 1st spring weeks and hope to see you soon here again!:)


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