Wednesday, 12 March 2014

#4 Packing for NYC: Body-/Facial Care Bag

Hi everyone:),

in the last of my "Packing for NYC" posts I'll show you my currently fav' body-/facial care items - which I'm using almost each day/night and couldn't travel without them!:):


So that's my beloved flower print cosmetic/bath bag - which has traveled with me through Spain as well as Prague and other cities/countries - I just love this cute middle-size bag - as it's soooo summer-themed and climb up my mood each time I'm looking at it:)!

The volume of the bag inside is as I've described above really middle-size - a good size for longer vacation too!:)

What's inside?:

Balea 3-in-1 cleaning tissues for dry/sensitive skin types, Hakle Limited Edition Tropical wet wipes, Nivea Creme Care Shower Gel, Nivea Sensitive Day Care Tube , dentalux complex 3 mint fresh toothpaste (my fav' at the moment!:), Dr. Best Polimed toothbrush (in Pink:)), Dr. Bronner's tea tree liquid soap, Catrice BB-Cream (light beige), Zara Eau De Parfum Nuit

Did you've tried some of these products until yet? What are your fav' body/facial care products - which you wouldn't miss at your trip to somewhere - maybe NYC?:)


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