Wednesday, 12 March 2014

#1 Packing for NYC: Clothes

Hi guys,

in few days I'm flyin' to NYC!:) And that means - that I've a LOT to packing for my lovely vacation there:) and of course thinking about  - which attractions I'll visit in Big Apple and what I'm having on my shopping-wishlist (makeup, tea, clothes and other products:)).

So that shouldn't be a "Sorry, that I've not wrote any new post in the last week!" but I've really had sooooo much to do in the last month and the last weeks!

But anyway - here I'll show you what kind of clothes/clothes I'm taking with me to NYC:

What I've packed:
Levi's Skinny Jeans, Zara Pencil Skirt, Tschibo Jumper, SFera Jumper, Zara Jumper, Mango T-Shirt, H&M T-Shirt white, H&M T-Shirt green, Hollister T-Shirt, Walmart Mickey Mouse & Minnie Pajama Top, Marks & Spencer Pajama Bottom, Hofer Pair of (warm and comfy bed time) socks

I've not packed a large amount of clothes for my trip to NY - as I'll buy some new fashion items there/Manhattan too:)!

But a pair of transparent tights and of course socks are a good choice for wearin' my lovely Zara skirt or just another new skirt:)!:

Golden Lady Transparent tights & edoo pair of socks

What would you pack' for NYC?

Wish you all a great spring time!


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