Monday, 31 March 2014

NYC - Food Haul

Hi guys,

maybe you're interested what I've eaten all the time durin' the last 2 weeks in NYC?! 

Well, as a "healthy":) person - I've had a problem to can't get enough fruits, vegetables - but I've found a nice replacement - fresh vegetable juices and lots of bananas, apples and of course smoothies BUT nice and healthier ice cream alternatives - frozen yogurts (the green tea is sooooo delicious:)).

At Whole Foods I've found lots of del' snacks, meals like for example: Roasted Sweet Potatoes or the Sesame Bagel:):

At Fairway Market I've bought the amazing (Paul) Newman's Own Iced Teas and Lemonades and fresh fruits like this banana:):

Trader Joe's was a truly fresh, modern and healthy place to get something to snack or eat:):

Like this awesome and truly addicted T.J. Veggie Wraaaaap:) - the chickpea hummus soooo delicious :

Or this soft and fresh baked pecan & cranberry scone from the Fresh Market?:

One of my breakfasts in a typical american NYC deli market - a cream cheese bagel and a matcha chai latte:

And here are some of my fav' Juices I've tried in the Big Apple:

And I'm absolutely amazed about the range - finally the Honest Tea Kids Juice (the Super Fruit Punch is sooo fruity and "watery" really like this taste!)

Oh here im finally turned from NIKA to NICKA and my Starbucks cup is the witness:):

Chobani's Greek Yogurts are now my 1st and fav' yogurt brands in the US!:) They are creamy and healthy as well!:) Tried almost each flavor and the 2% Fat fav' are: Pineapple & Strawberry Banana and 0% fat are: Pomegranate & Vanilla wins!:) 

Carlson Orchards "The Premium Apple Cider" is the best Apple Cider (Juice) I've EVER tasted!!!! It's soooo smooth, fruity and you don't get thirsty after you've drank a glass of this delicious cider! Oh and don't forget frozen Pineapple Chunks from Whole Foods - that's the best snack EVER!

The own brand from Duance Reade nut range called "Nice!" - was a good alternative to sweets and other things - which are bad for your skin BUT I've not ban the Newtons fig bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and some Organic teddy bear shaped cookies/biscuits. I've missed some nice dark chocolate BUT that was all:) - There are pretty much delicious cookies like the one from Keebler -  the Sandies Pecan Shortbread Cookies, which I've tasted 3 years ago:).

Me eating at one of the Whole Foods Markets:):

Eating/Drinking this:

Whole Foods's Sweet Potatoes, Raisin Scone, 365 Organic Orange Peach Mango Juice

Hope you've found this food post a little bit interesting and see you soon.

Wish you all a great evening!


NYC - Central Park Inspirations

Hi guys,

Sure - I was durin' my stay in NYC in the "green lung" of Big Apple!:) I though to show you just few of my impressions of my central park walks (as I was 2-3 times there - and yes it was pretty cold and freeeeeezing:)).

Before you'll enter the beautiful park:

And after:

Go to see this gorgeous (romantic:)) bridge & escape the sea, Plaza:) or Wollman Rink :

The Wollman Rink:

The true about Central Park:

 Official Page of Central Park NYC - HERE



Hi guys,

I've been and still I'm a HUGE fan of Eloise at the Plaza - call me a kid';) BUT I'll love this cute story in 100 years too!

Inside of the Entrance Hall at the Plaza - sooooo excited!!!!;):

Why I've called this post "Pink Vs. Eloise" - that's because it's the main color of the whole Eloise "Imperium" and it was and will be always a part of myself/my identity - I love the different rose/pink shades (I've a extra light baby/pastel pink shade on my bedroom walls and I'm wearing pink shade clothes like: Bikinis or that sweet Beanie from Areopostale;)). And that's why I've called the header Pink Vs. Eloise!

Official Eloise Store Sign & Entrance: 

The gorgeous place for small girls - to attend a beautiful tea time there!:):

As I've been again soooo amazed when I've entered the Plaza and found the beautiful and truly magical portrait of her and visited the official Eloise store in the "underground" of the Plaza (where other stores and boutiques are located as well!:)) and I've bought a cute key-ring for my keys  - if that makes even more sense?!

The Plaza isn't just a luxurious and magical place on earth/NYC it's also a place - where you can get even more inspirations and impressions like that:

The Plaza Entrance:

Statue of William Tecumseh Sherman:

I've truly loved to see it again and my Eloise collection grow a bit:)!

My lovely Eloise At The Plaza Cup (bought 2011 and my new key-ring):

Hope you're all well and did you've ever seen the movies or even have been at the Plaza (not just stayed there - as that could be really high in price:) but maybe just visit it for example had a tea and some biscuits there?!)

See you soon!

NYC Jewelry Haul

Hi guys,

well I'm know finally finished re-packing my travel luggage/trolley and I've made pic's of my latest and very chic:) jewelry - which are from NYC to be honest & I truly love each piece!:)

1. My latest super sweet and lovely elephante bracelet from Forever 21 (approx. $ 5.90):

2. How you find the cute and fruity pineapple earrings from the Bethany Mota collection at Aeropostale?! ($6.00):

3. My golden white kinda-like "button" earrings and "sweet to eat" bow ring - both from Strawberry (Earrings $ 5.00, Ring $ 6.00):

And as there was a final sale at the store (1700 Broadway, NY)  I've got 50% Off each piece - instead of $ 11.00 I've paid ONLY $ 3.59!!!!!

4. My $ 1.00 glittery and truly magical earrings from a local accessoire/jewelry store - truly for a nut:) and awesome as well!:):

5. My golden necklace with the simple BUT important message "LOVE" ($ 3.80) which can be understand in different ways like I think: your life, yourself, future, inspirations, important people in your life and of course to escape new things!:) - bought it in the Forever 21 store on Times Square, NY.

But the true awesomeness is that it's made in the USA! - How cool is that to wear a local/country made product and not like other jewelry - which are usually made in China or other kinda Countries (which aren't bad - but a local product while you're traveling is much more worth I think:)):

6. At Call It Spring (Manhattan Mall) I've found that really "nature-like" and gorgeous feather ring ($ 8.00):

As you see - these jewelry pieces are all golden shades - and that's 'cause I'm currently lovin' to wear such accessoires - it's always lovely to see shining such jewelry in the spring/summer sun!:)

I hope you're all well and had a wonderful start into a brandnew week!