Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Spring Shoes 2014

Hi everyone:),

durin' the last two months (of course durin' January 2014 and February 2014 - as we've now February:)) in this brandnew year 2014 I've bought myself three new shoes/shoewear for this spring season - as my addiction to ankle boots starts to grow more and more:) I've took the opportunity and bought myself two different kind of ankle boots and one moccasins - as this are my fav' "loafer-kind" of shoes!:)

1. Shoes I've bought at Tamaris shoe shop - a kind of "Western-Ankle-Boots" with a sweet girl touch:):

These "Western-Ankle-Boots" are made for long wide and hot walks through the land - cow' girl!:):

These kind of "Western-Ankle-Boots" are made from real leather and have anti-shock heels & Touch it (a kind of heel & boot technology:))! I like and choose the brand itself really often - as I've been really satisfied and glad to have my classic pair of Tamaris black (as I would call them daisy:)) pumps too!:)

Shop it at Tamaris - HERE

2. Shoes I've took with me home are the one from Mango - which I would call "Black-Biker-Ankle-Boots":

Real leather - as well as the soles are made from real leather! - Just pure perfection - I adore this pair of Ankle Boots and adore them!:)

They were on sale at Mango and at Lyst Here 
But I've bought it for approx. 35€ at Mango instead of 75€!

3rd one are from ZARA - the moccasins - which definitely has the perfect dark/middle dark pink shade - nothing else to say!:):

These pink bright mocassins are made of fabric and faux leather BUT I totally adore the classic and femaledesign - lots of kisses!:):

 Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssst.... and this was a real bargain - instead of approx. 26€ I've paid ONLY 5.99€!

Have you already bought some new shoes for spring 2014?! Or what are your fav' footwear?! - Let me know that in your comments!:)

As I'm Youtube addicted at the moment (what means "at the moment?!":)) I've watched a lot of Lookbooks and kind of "What I've been wearing at the moment", Fashion Hauls and as well as Beauty Hauls - I've recently watched a LOT of Arden Rose vid's (she's one of my fav's of all time since blogging and "youtubing":)) and of course Meghan Rienks (the best youtube guru EVER I would say - and a Tea addicted as I'm too:))

Oh and my fav' song of today "Back Together" by Jesse McCartney:

I'm glad you've read another fashion-kind-a-like post written by myself:) and hope to see you here soon again!:)


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  1. My addiction to ankle boots took a turn for the worse this winter hahah! However, i'm excited to start wearing bright spring flats! xx