Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Labello Peach & Watermelon*

Hi everyone,

as you probably already know - that I'm a lip balm/butter addicted girl;) It was clear, that I'll try the latest Labello lip balms with the flavours/scents: Peach & Watermelon:

The yummy fruit images reminds me on summer and hot shiny days:):

This one is my fav' of the brandnew Labello's - it has a rich fruity peach scent, which reminds me strongly on Robby Bubble's No Alcohol Peach Lemonade (here). 

Lip Review:

The texture is creamy and the pigmentation is soft apricot/coral with a light shimmer. 

The 2nd brandnew Labello with the flavour/scent of a fresh cut watermelon has a light pink/magenta shade with a light shimmer as well and the texture is the same like the Labello Peach lip balm!

Lip Review:

I just prefer to wear this lip balm durin' weekend or if I'm having a nice evening or meeting with friends, fam' at a restaurant, diner to avoid a bad lipstick mouth after eating (you know - what I probably try to say:)?!).

Labello's Fruity Shine Peach & Watermelon lip balms packaging & balm stick review:

I pretty much like the classic white "switch-tube" and the bright pink and coral packaging as well. Just the diagonal/croocked cover design isn't my taste - I would like to continue with the classic straight like in the 90s or at the begin of 2000s! But that's just my opinion:)

The pigmentation review (on my forearm:)):

Which one is your fav' Labello and which scent/flavour you're prefering at most?

Wish you a nice afternoon!


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